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2006 Viña Perez Cruz Liguai

Maipo Valley Red Blend more

12/23/2012 - nlassow wrote: flawed

We tried 2 bottles and both were badly corked. The corks were in perfect condition but the nose and palate of the wine was all bandaids.

  • Comment posted by nlassow:

    8/20/2013 9:55:00 AM - We have been lazy about updating our cellar, so this note was posted 8.20.2013, while we tasted the bad bottles 12.23.2012. The level of Brett in these bottles was far beyond [our] acceptable level. Maybe some of them were contaminated at the winery or bottling operation.


2007 Expression Pinot Noir 44° Roserock

Eola - Amity Hills more

2/11/2013 - nlassow Likes this wine: NR

Not as large as our last visit, but developing nicely and becoming more integrated.

  • Comment posted by nlassow:

    4/2/2013 10:44:00 AM - We still have a half case of these from a holiday special... $21/bottle after taxes and shipping! Will keep posting notes.

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