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NV Jura Prophecy Limited Annual Release 1

Isle of Jura Malt more

1/20/2013 - joraesque Likes this wine: 89 points

Strong iodine, sea air and some smoke on the nose, burnt caramel on the palate, and smoky, soft caramel on the finish. After adding a few water droplets (perhaps a quarter cube of ice per serving?) this opens up with much more peat and much less iodine on the nose, with brown sugar and toffee on the palate, and a long, peaty finish with just a slight orange rind (by the way, just like many bourbons, this would take an orange twist rather well, although not necessary). Overall, I prefer this Juray to most Islays, as I find its "profound" peatiness much better balanced. 88-89
Update: one extra point for how deliciously it drinks, especially when cut with a little water.

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