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NV Bière de Maredsous Dubbel

Wallonie Malt more

6/23/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 83 points

Best before date 05/2011. Lot 1892 07 37. An ’8’ per the label, but no pabv listed there. Brewed and bottled by Duvel Moorgaat NV, Puurs, Belgium. On opening there is a delicate sweet white bread/orange spray, with mild caramel backing, pouring dark, with a higher head than some other Belgian Abbey Ales I could name. There is a roast coffee/anise entry, with what may be leather and a little staleness midpalate, but wait and see. Full bitter.burnt chocolate finish. Sort of a triangle--starts fine, and ends broad, perhaps a tad clunky. Malt seems scorched and the sweetness tails off; if it weren’t so bitter, I’d think it’d be short on the finish. Score is as is, at 4 plus years of age, perhaps 6. Needs to be revisited with a fresh bottle.

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White - Sweet/Dessert

2007 Brys Estate Riesling Ice Wine 'Dry Ice'

Old Mission Peninsula more

6/16/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 91 points

Brys Estate 2007 Riesling Ice Wine ‘Dry Ice’, 13.9 pabv; 70 grams/liter residual sugar; Picked December 6, 2007, with attention to gathering clean (non-botrytis-affected) grapes. Fortunately a bottle was open at the time of my visit. Cost $70/375 ml. Press juice was 43 Brix. Fermented for 42 days with acid and cold-tolerant cultured yeast strains. Fermented and aged in stainless steel.

Double-decanted, and was considerably disaarranged by what it had been exposed to, so it got another 72 hours in the refrigerator back in the bottle, recorked, with some air space.

Cork-finished, with a deep orange color. Bitter grapefruit plus a definite dried apricot aroma, with some fresh air and Gerber apple-sauce aromas, a tad of sourness. Then comes a note of vanilla.

Quite a grippy entry, with restrained sweetness and citrus-bitterness. At first it gave me an impression of wood tannin, and I'm not sure that the wood aging is not there, despite what I've been told. The honeyed apricot-bitterness certainly advertises either botrytis or dried-berry overripeness, as it has a sort of mid--palate cooked note to it. There is less grace and more heaviness still. The acid seems a touch volatile. May improve with 3 or 4 years; MAY, I say.

Certainly an atypical ice wine one which may improve with another sojourn in cellar. I believe I overestimated the quality of this wine the last time I tasted it.

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2014 Schloss Gobelsburg Gobelsburger Cistercien

Kamptal Rosé Blend more

6/6/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 88 points

Served at Terry Theise wine dinner at Winds, Yellow Springs, OH.

More brilliant and positively pinker than the Prieler vom Stein of the same year; reduced when tasted from the Impitoyable but this disappears when tasted from a standard white wine glass, smells like a bubbly with subtle yeastiness; very dry and juicy. Develops juiciness and minerality on the finish. Excellent with food (Asparagus and Soft egg with morels).

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2014 Weingut Familie Prieler Rosé vom Stein

Neusiedlersee-Hügelland Rosé Blend more

6/5/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 88 points

Served at Terry Theise wine dinner at Winds, Yellow Springs, OH.

Grown on gravel and limestone, predominantly from Zweigelt. Grayish pink in color; nose grapy, with wax and strong but neutral ripe blueberry scent; crisp, vivid, and with great minerality and juicy acidity. Wonderful with asparagus and soft cooked egg.

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1999 Nikolaihof Riesling Federspiel Steinriesler

Wachau more

6/5/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 95 points

A Vinothek wine aged many years in cask without disturbing. These Vinothek wines are aged in the part of the cellar nearest the stairs to guarantee some changes in atmosphere and temperature believed to be essential to the style. Steinriesler is a dialectical variant on 'Riesling'.

This is a wine that takes considerable intelligence and patience to judge or tease out what it has to give. Take this into account when reading the notes of persons inexperienced with this style of wine.

First of all, a slightly cloudy, fully yellow wine served from a decanter as a gift of Mary K at Winds, Yellow Springs, OH, at last night's Terry Theise tasting, presented by Sunny Brown. Brought to the table unexpectedly in the middle of courses. Alcohol 11.5 percent, $79/750 ml.

The nose starts off completely dieselled but almost completely closed. Needs perhaps fifteen minutes of sniffing and shaking to get off the gasoline.
After this, nutty and subtle nuances challenge the nose: roasted mixed nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts; fruit very subtle but quite alive, still growing when glass emptied.

Completely dry, with full, crisp, and broad acid balance, despite complaints to the contrary. Full-bodied with a teasing mouth-feel. Very long; requires drinking with full attention and for the most enjoyment on its own. A beauty requiring quiet and undisturbed contemplation, expressing something quite indescribable. Drink now or forever.

A classic with very few parallels outside similar wines made at this house, and with almost infinite depth below its sherried surface. Perhaps I would have been smarter not to give it a score at all, since it compares with so little.

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White - Off-dry

2006 Hans Wirsching Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Auslese

Franken more

5/16/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 93 points

Suzanne's Chinese Tea and Oranges: '06 Wirsching Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Auslese, Franken, AP 5011 032 07, 9.5 pabv; Rudi Weist. WineBid lot I5008201, $26 plus 14% bp.

Cork-finished; could use better quality of cork--short, coarse and crumbly. Limpid green orange.

Under the white China tea and tangerine there is a most delicate veal broth supporter. The China tea is so faithful to the depth of good Silver Needle variety that it's shocking.

Just adequate ripe and juicy acidity for this level of ripeness; a touch of orange peel infusion. Great integration and harmony, with delicate white-wine tannins, that's found in the best Silvaner Auslese; much like the tea. For those of you who know and love this style, it's a beautiful expression of something that's quite different from a Rhine or Mosel Riesling Auslese. The Silvaner holds smoky minerality in check in favor of a chord of almost tear-provoking loveliness, like a Leonard Cohen song sung by Judy Collins. Perhaps deserves better of me than I'm giving. Drink now or hold. Won't get funky or die any time soon.

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2004 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Ardanza Reserva

Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo more

5/12/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 91 points

Just a note. I opened this bottle perhaps 3 weeks ago, and was left totally unimpressed by its muddy flavors and unimpressive nose. Put it in the fridge, and was about to toss it, when I decided to re- taste. A different wine! This wine was not a defective wine, but one that needed a LOT of time to relax with a bit of Oh-two.

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White - Sparkling

2009 Vins El Cep Cava Kila Brut

Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada Blend more

5/7/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 89 points

If I had looked more closely and saw that this was a Jorj Ordonez selection I wouldn't have ignored 2 bottles for a whole year. Cutting Edge Selections, Maremount, OH. Jorg, of course, is an astonishingly gifted Montilla-Morilles dessert winemaker, who studied with Kracher in the Neuseidlersee, Austria.

Light neutral brass. Has a medium bead. Marmalade and spring flowers; veal soup, not neglecting the bakery notes. Very crisp with fine minerality.
Delicate brothiness, with orange peel; foamy texture but with good white-wine tannins. At this age, quite savory and together. Assume integration will proceed with a year or two more. Fine clarity and definition.

Recommend that this can be aged for more than the usual sec. A superb value even at Ohio prices.

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NV Grande Chartreuse Verte

France White Blend more

4/22/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 95 points

Chartreuse (1605) Liqueur Fabriquée par les Pères Chartreux, 'Green'.

55 pabv. In Impitoyable, from 375 ml/$40, screw cap. Pure light green over complete downsheeting on sides of glass. Fermented straw (coumarin), Mexico vanilla, shoe leather and shoe polish over lacquer. I aver it SMELLS green. Summary of all this comes through on the palate; its considerable sweetness borne up on the extract, with subtle finish from the mint or the mint components. A tickle, only, from the 'heat'; which becomes actually more prominent with a little water, but so is the depth of the ensemble. Why cannot I actually sense one single herb flavor in this, with the possible exception of vanilla? A sensation of tarragon, too, is in the envelope of the palate, leading me to believe that there's some Artemisia spp. more or less in here. The amount of water (perhaps a teaspoon in a tablespoon or two of the liqueur) causes little cloudiness that I can detect.

How does one rate this? I'd have to find its peers, and where are they? A classic. NR

What is the difference between this and the green VEP? I'd say this is almost identical in style, flavor, and quality, with the exception that the VEP has just a touch more integration, more mellowness, more presence. I doubt whether they could be told apart as mixers, but since the VEP can be over $125 per bottle, that's all to the good. Only a sensitive palate, I think, could tell them apart double-blind.

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White - Fortified

NV Sandeman Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Rich Old Oloroso VOS 20 y/o Solera 1894 Royal Corregidor

Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximénez more

4/18/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 93 points

20 pabv. Takes a while to relax after opening, and it's my experience that these improve for about 2 weeks after the T-cork comes out.

Medium amount of sand-grain like tartrates. Thick glass-coating and slow-falling tears.

Chocolate, malt, cherry, delicately sweetened veal broth and yeast. A big mouthful punch of flavor on entry; great juiciness, and a nice dollop of PX arrope sweetening wine. The Imperial can beat the Royal all hollow when tasted together, but the Royal is actually a great tipple on its own. Good length and tactile tannins. 2 weeks after opening. So we'll re-visit.

Found in a small grocery store wandering about Arruba on Barbara's 65th birthday.
d Soleras sherry, quite a fine value--compare it with a 20 year old Sandeman Porto dated tawny ($50 average cost per WineCellar Pro), with, per Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port...The style, of course, very different. A savory/bitter finish of fine persistence. This is a dessert-style Oloros and not a dry or aperitif Oloroso.

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NV Four Roses Distillery Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 50 percent/vol; 100 proof, AN 50-45

Grain more

4/13/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 93 points

N.V. Four Roses Distillery Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 50 percent/vol; 100 proof, AN 50-45

Out of a T-corked bottle; deep brown and transparent from a Riedel malt glass. Relatively quick release of tears from sheeting.

With a drop of 1913 Spring Water; Leafy; caramel, vanilla, Nahe-like cherry, a malty-maple note, and a touch of positive(+) 'plastic resin'.

Leafy, again, with a hint of green mintiness and subtle energy and fresh airiness. There is a deep mid-tongue texture-flavor consisting mostly I believe in rich wood extract holding this together and suppressing excessive burn, helping with integration and with its medium finish.


As to style, this is on the opposite pole to Booker--delicacy rather than power, full of finesse, but not lacking individuality. Good value. At this quality level, makes a better tall drink with high quality ingredients than many single-barrel whiskies.

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NV Booker's (Jim Beam) Batch 2014-07 approx distillation 2007, 64.45%abv 7 year 7 mo 14 d

Kentucky Grain more

4/12/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 96 points

N.V. Booker's (Jim Beam) Batch 2014-07 approx distillation date 2006-2007, 64.45%abv 7 year 7 mo 14 d in oak (USA, Kentucky)

Bought at Kroger, Piqua, 750 ml. Tasted from a Riedel Malt Glass. T-cork.

Tawny-white, an unusual burning yellow color, sheeting with a slow tearing.

Quite dumb until I added just a drop of 1913 spring water and it immediately cracked open and threw off lots of aroma. Nose is broad and harmonious, with a very subtle integrated corn silk and orange vanilla.

The intense, classically clear palate seems to swirl around in the mouth like a piece of Chihuly art glass. Vanilla and smoke mix with an attractive amount of heat into the emotive finish, and with a je-ne-sais-quoi holding it all in poise. One of the more perfect whiskies of this series I've tasted, with a fantastic glissade of sensations. 96/100. Hurrah!

Note: Tried it as a mixer with soda and lemon: Way too distinctive for this, don't waste it.

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White - Sweet/Dessert

2006 Monte Tondo Recioto di Soave Classico

Garganega more

4/3/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 92 points

Tea-green-yellow; cork-finished; quick tearing, viscous. 14 pabv.

Nose: searching sweet tea, white stone fruit, and lacquer, minted/savoried dried peaches and/or apricots, perhaps a little bit medicinal, sort of like a minor Chartreuse: white grapes, spicy,earthy, with gentle white pepper and a tiny bit of heat. Reminiscences of old-time anesthetics.

Sweet, with a little bite of white tannin; .white soy sauce; slightly bitter-Italian finish, fine length, with some heat that will blow off. Needs perhaps another 3 to 5 years to settle down a bit. At 24 hours on the counter at room temperature, becomes subtly tertiary, if that term is familiar, but not to the point of being sherried: more dried-grapes than overripeness.

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White - Sweet/Dessert

2001 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

Rheinhessen more

3/30/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 99 points

Scintillating, spicy, full of berries and red-soil inflections, balanced, fluid, gracious texture. Best TBA I've ever tasted. Ran out and bought another. Personal stock is now: zero

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2009 Weingut Schnaitmann Fellbacher Lämmler Riesling Großes Gewächs

Württemberg more

3/1/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 93 points

Wgt Rainer Schaitmann is one of the most highly regarded estates in Württemberg, and a VDP member. AP 6043 014 10; 12.5 pabv. $60/750 ml; Dorothy Lane Market, Dayton, OH. Have no idea who brought this in or who exported it. Available at the cellars for Euros 24.80 per producer price list (

Because I'm unfamiliar with this one I didn't double-decant. Cork-finished with a shortish closure. Slow tears produced by glass-coating extract. I tried it--this is one that's enhanced and not destroyed by an Impitoyable versus a Riedel Riesling.

Yellow with tawny-green overtones. Searching, complex mixture of the soft and vivid; a note of the apple peel aroma found in a good Norman cidre and the resinous note found in Riesling grown over mixed limestone, of which this might have a small percentage; also a broad florality. Almost a slight rupestris or so forth aroma, but I doubt there is a fox in sight. An interesting play of spring thyme flowers. Dried peach or slight diesel, very vivid and crisp, with a snappy hint of phenolics, playing around with a sort of vibratory transparency alternating with a fine intensity. Finish comes on mostly with pear and restrained citrus peel. Seems to be made from quite mature vines.

Later there's some almond cookie and ginger coming out.

Makes one reach in the mind for appetizing, comforting food. I just remembered-- I have a veal kidney and some very fresh eggs in the fridge, laid yesterday. Back soon. Hmmm--if I had some Pörkölt with lots of paprika....the kidney and eggs was perfect with this.

A finely attractive, gently savory mixture of the ripe and the slightly herbaceously dry; What a stylish introduction to Württemberg Riesling, with the vineyard a nearly unique mixture of Steuben red limestone with altered marl and salingenous evaporite. Highly recommended, and currently drinking at or near its peak. Now through 2019.

The historic core of this vineyard, the Lämmler, is only 3 ha, and benefits from the forest night air, according to the Braatz Wine Atlas of Germany, and is well worth classification. Truly a revelation to this somewhat jaded Riesling lover, both caressing and fresh at once. A fine entertainment for a snowed-in Sunday at home!

Sadly, the vineyard has been increased at least tenfold since the classic era. (See [ exact position and outline on].

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Red - Fortified

2005 Croft Porto Vintage Quinta da Roeda

Port Blend more

2/22/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 93 points

2005 Croft Vintage Porto Quinta da Roeda, 20 pabv, Quinta and Vineyard Bottlers Vinhos SA, Vila Nova de Gaia, Kobrand, New York, Arbutus inedo (Strawberry Tree) labeling.

Cork finished, ciean sided when removed with Durand double spiral-clamp. Undecanted; quick-falling tears. At 24 hours: Green-purple and opaque nearly to the edge. Lots of high-toned stuff in the nose--pine, thyme, blueberry-cassis, underlain by a tenor note of cherry and violet.

Sweet on the palate, with a nice tannic buzz and grip, with medium-long savoriness. Still a slight bit of greenness, that will resolve with more aging. 93/100. Nice juicy fruitiness and grip, will go well with cheese, dried fruit, and/or other foods.

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White - Sparkling

NV de Venoge Champagne Brut Sélect Cordon Bleu

Champagne Blend more

2/19/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 89 points

NM 439 001. $19/375 ml. 12 percent. HalfWit Wines. Green-yellow with pink overtone. Quite dumb until about 2d day in refrigerator. Bubble gum, touch of honey, and cola; considerable yeast. Oak aged after primary fermentation? Medium to finely persistent mousse.

Crisp with orange peel and sharp acidity, melding into some savory minerality. Needs some further age, after which will be fully foodworthy. Question about whether there is more than one bottling from my source.

89. Drink 2018 and onward; in half bottle, to 2023..

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NV Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac 1738 Accord Royal

Ugni Blanc more

1/20/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 86 points

T-corked. 80 proof. Tasted in INAO glass. $21/375 ml. Apparently fully colored with caramel. Added a few drops of water.

Rich simple, strong caramel nose and a little thyme. Slow tears. Fairly sugar-sweet on entry, with dryish tannins and some heat, short to medium length. A hint of grass or asparagus lingers there.

Seems a pleasant but over-manipulated Fine Champagne Cognac. Moderate price.


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White - Off-dry

2006 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese #14

Mosel Saar Ruwer more

1/6/2015 - sweetstuff wrote: 99 points

$86/750 ml; 8.0 pabv, Thiese/Skurnik, Oakland Hills, OH Dorothy Lane Market. jht

Has an odd, flaky white crust, that dissipates with the touch of a finger; when decanted, leaves the crust behind and fizzes with the spritz as a nucleus. Quite bitty but with a brilliant green-gold; thick with extract and glass-coating.

Just out of the bottle it's almost burning with acidity, with the sweetness covered up by grippy orange-peel tannins; there is penetrating fruit of razor-like simplicity and enormous length, a wine of great promise. Next on the nose comes the petrol and then the fresh bread and butter.' Then sweet-sour dried apricot dripping with orange-flower honey. At 12 hours in glass is broadcasting a strong fresh green grass scent. also linseed oil. A wine of powerful botrytis effects but absolutely clean and focused.

This gripping sweet-sour is á point with the etched flavors of a great Norman cidre, balancing in the mouth. Lanolin and anise linger in the background followed by a sense of perfectly ripe grapefruit juice. Flavors echo around inside your head for minutes after a sip. The empty glass reveals aromas of vanilla creme brulée custard and a light dusting of tobacco. Then, after a while, scents of ripe apple peels and tastes of rubbed aromatic wood veneers.

Schildknecht's idea that this is a wine in adolescence on its way to early adulthood at age 40 is not far off. Drink 2021 (so I'll hopefully have a chance to drink it before I die) through 2046. 99/100.

The greatest young Mosel Riesling Auslese I've tasted in 40 years of pursuit of this wine style.

Here's a swil from a 7 day old refrigerated bottle. Color has cleaned up and is now yellow-green with just a touch of something my color deficiency won't allow me to describe. So much extract that there's a glass-coating apparent with a few tears, as is most unusual in such a wine. Gasoline and sweetish petrol tar, expressing an almost perfect and subtly harmonious aroma of green grapes and a hint of green grass. Dried apricots dipped in tangerine honey, with tremendous energy. The greenness is here perfectly focused on the palate and has a powerful precision. How else can it be described? Great length, seemingly endless. Is there any such thing as a fruit composed of the essence of mineola and that of greenness?

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NV Brewery Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet

Buggenhout Malt more

12/16/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: 89 points

Creamy colored, fine-grained, hop-concentrating, persistent head. The blond-bodied, sweet, smoky wonderfully yeasty, as usually crisp, broad, and brothy. Sweet and long,

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Red - Fortified

2009 Taylor (Fladgate) Porto Vintage

Port Blend more

12/10/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: 97 points

2/12/2014; Gerardi's Little Store, Dayton, OH; $33.33/750 ml; bottled 2011. Kobrand/Heidelberg. 20.5 pabv. CA 0079, LT09B; 0 84692 000630. Opened about 48 hours in advance for the Cobb Christmas Crash. Tipp Ciity. OH.

Removed from the storage unit and cork cleanly pulled with the Durand; no purple on the sides. Decanted 10 am into a glass pitcher. At 700 ml poured there are some tiny crusts,
and gently transferred into a decanter with stopper.

Optical: Purple with a lightening cherry edge [about 1 mm]; darker color not quite as dense in the Pitiless (Impitoyable). Thick sheeting suggests high extract.

Violets tailing into cherry, second sniff: add cardamom and thyme (cassis). Blackcurrant, five spices, moving into both herbs and dark fruits/berries of headscratching complexity and scintillancy. Again scents of century-old baked brick minerality, as sometimes is encountered in recently torn-down fireplaces. At 2 hours, the nose has moved into pan-roasted China tea over the violet and green lime peel scents.

At first great heat, which experience tells will mellow in a day or two. Fruits are almost impossible to dissect at this stage, but on the finish there's a hint of sappy apple juice with a hint of sweetness. The typical balance of a Taylor vintage port, moving from dryness to some sweetness now. The anthocyanins and tannins are almost completely fruit-coated now; will need time to relax a bit. The heat is down a bit at 2 hours and after a bit of swirling disappears. Ripe tannis are starting to show.

At 48 hours, just before leaving for Cobb's: Lots of integration of above, with great harmony. Cherry-mint and verbena, with medium tannins starting to integrate; at this point a bit sweeter than the average young Taylor VP. but with its typical draw-you-in finish. Will be served with Stilton and Santa fruit stickers.

Probably just too much at this stage for the uneducated palate; however, after 6 days in refrigerator beginning a lovely process of integration--usual cherry, violets, and fennel; anise, sweet-rising sap, and fine-grained intaglio-like tannins, and fine dry finish. Leave it alone from now until 2024. Then until who knows when? I'll not outive these bottles.

Incidentally, took a taste of this on January 2, 2015, at 23 days: one can see that the meaty pepper and tannin skeleton of the Taylor VPs are the kettle in which these great old VPs are slowly simmered.

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NV Redbreast Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey 12 Years

Clare Malt more

11/13/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: NR

T-cork. $61/750 ml at Ohio prices, Kroger's. 40 percent abv.

Bright green with a little yellow; color somewhat strange.

Nose highly sherried, malty, with some linseed oiliness and citrus, at this time (before much air) quite simple.

Sherry and sulfur and oil of fruit potential; with bakeshop sweetness. Fine length; all this is before any water.

Now: Slowly yields up dried orange peel and wet stones. with a tinge of butter.

Steel cut oatmeal, hazel nuts, with mid-palate holdover showing on through finish. Here only a couple drops water were added. Now:

Perhaps a teaspoon plus has been added. Warm nose with butter cookie (shortbread) and baked pecan; much more expressive in the wood range,, with less burn.

Much more integrated on entry and midpalate; seems to hang almost breathlessly on the flavor receptors, and the finish is high-toned and delicate with that 'hanging on' sensation. A wonderful dram and worth its somewhat steep price. 92/100 for now.

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2011 Henrik Möbitz Köpfle Pinot Noir

Baden more

9/18/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: 90 points

Qualitätswein AP 3536 1 13; 12.5% abv. Fass Selections; T Elenteny Imports, New York, NY. Cork-finished.

Transparent chrry red with some 2-10 mm edge fading.

Smoke, bitter-smelling cherry, crushed cherry pits, leather, rose attar, clove.

Energetically bitter, delicate and with very fine tannins, very much a delicate style. 90/100.

Drink now.

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White - Off-dry

2004 Dr. Loosen Erdener Prälat Riesling Auslese

Mosel Saar Ruwer more

9/3/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: 94 points

AP 2 576 163 46 05. 7.5 percent abv. $40 retail discounted further at Gerardi's Little Store; imported by Loosen Bros., Portland, Oregon. Cork-finished, somewhat light in color, plenty of fine tartrate crystals, very refractive; viscous, a wall-wetter.

Pine, with lemon curd and walnut-cream pudding, and verbena, and hints of strawberries. Intensely sweet and sour, with bitter lime peel twists l and flecks of peach and mango, very exhuberant and forward. Lovely clean finish with pine needle forest floor, 60 plus seconds. Hints of botrytis/umam accompanied by cedar oii. Great power almost overwhelms the focus, but ten years in bottle certainly helps this dessert wine come together.

This cooler vintage was perhaps almost ideal for the Prälat, whose rectangular-parabolic surface and closeness to the water surface mirroring heat can be too much of a good thing in some years. Also shows why the seasoning in the slate soil is as important as the substrate itself, in this case flne rhyolite materia from the Vulcaneifel plateau rich in iron.

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2009 Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Smaragd Hochrain

Wachau more

8/26/2014 - sweetstuff wrote: 94 points

2009 Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Smaragd Hochrain (Austria, Niederösterreich, Wachau), Spitz. 13.5 percent abv

Positive gold, vegetable fumet with resin, walnut oil and hints of clove; white peach and flowers, mint.

Glycerin and alcohol lends sweetness and midpalate energy but not heat, The usual lacy texture and silky sliding-down-the-throat when it's swallowed. Thanks to Hirtzberger for a wine both intense and gentle. Very complex finish of tea and walnuts. This one is a little less developed than others tasted recently. 2015-2020, 94/100.

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