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2004 Calabretta Etna Rosso

Etna DOC Nerello Mascalese more

12/14/2014 - MoTheMan wrote: 92 points

Interesting floral/fruity notes with strong minerality on the nose.
The kaleidascopic profile is an interesting one wiht a fruitful old world expression, nice terrroir expression, and minerality.
It is very c/w Sicilian wines I've had . . . but my experience in that category is very limited.
I can say this for sure . . . I LIKED IT. Will definatrey keep my eye out for more of this varietal and wines from this region.
Good with many food dishes, but I do not think it will stand up to the heaviest of dishes/casseroles, etc . . .

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2006 Bodegas Vizcarra Ramos Ribera del Duero JC Vizcarra

Tinto Fino, Tempranillo more

8/16/2014 - MoTheMan wrote: 90 points

I remember tasting this a while back and buying some bottles & laying them down to age.

Wrong bottle to age. This is a very nice decent straightforward wine, but medium bodied not very complex what straightforward taste.
Decent but did not wow me. Quality worth 90 points.
Threw out the glass then I chilled the bottle some. Much better second time around with a new glass. Recommend it.

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2009 Armitage Pinot Noir

Santa Cruz Mountains more

8/12/2014 - MoTheMan wrote: 91 points

Very nicely balanced fruit expressive Central Coast Pinot with a nice layering of olives & wood/stony/herbal tones. Very nice expression your price range too.

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2011 Herman Story Syrah Nuts and Bolts

Santa Barbara County more

8/18/2013 - MoTheMan wrote: 94 points

A solid 94!

Just got back from a friend's house where I had the third bottle that I've experiennced from this vinntage in the past 2 months.
A wonderful wine.

Can't say a lot more than Dagalaifus mentions below. I think he hit it well.
Although it's a Centtral Coast Syrah and you'd expect more of a Southern Rhone or Australian Style wine, this one really delivers more like a very good quality Northern Rhone.
In the words of my friend who joined me on this wine, ". . . how much is it? Heck, it's well worth the money!"

Now I am hearing some really great things about the upcoming 2012 vintage from all over California. Very curious how it will compare . . . but in the meantime, I am picking up a coupla' more bottles of the 2011.

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2010 Lucia Syrah Susan's Hill

Santa Lucia Highlands more

12/4/2012 - MoTheMan Likes this wine: 92 points

LOL! Used the tasting notes assistant then added descriptives to it!

Intense Purple in color with a nose of minerality, wet forest floor, violets, prunes and figs. Still young & closed.

Thick & full bodied, long legs, still a tad alcoholic with heat, flavors of figs, plums, hints of raisins, gamey/meaty and a tad smokey with good minerality. Very well balanced and holds good promise. Medium long finish.

Had it with a thick focacia with toppings, made in the style of a Chicago deep dish pizza. Matched well. Delish!

Overall score: 92-93 pts. Time will help it along.

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White - Off-dry

2005 S.A. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese

Mosel Saar Ruwer more

12/4/2012 - MoTheMan Likes this wine: 92 points

I very much agree with JOEABR's tasting notes (8/16/11).

A nice apply, slightly sweet piney nose.

Very good balancee of acidity, tartness, depth, body, minerality, along with flavors of persimmon, peach, and dominant star fruit in a nice integrated mix. Med/full body, smoth texture, long finish!

Long finish . . . 'twas a tad sweeter than I liked, but still very enjoyable.

Had it with an spicy asian pad thai dish. Very good pairing! Mmmm!

SCORE: 92-94

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2010 Domaine Tortochot Mazis-Chambertin

Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 94 points

2010 Burgundy Tasting at the Wine Exchange, OC, CA.

Slightly phenolic/heat on the nose but with strong underling terroir/minerality & fruit on the nose.

Beautiful balance mixed fruit -- fig/plum/blackberry on the palate along with subtle barnyard, wet peet funk, minerality and terroir on the palate. Hint of dry aged beef/meats on the palate.

Med-full bodied with good balance and a medium finish. Delicious.

Bravo for effort.

Would recommend buying several bottles!! Worthy of score!!

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2010 Domaine de L'Arlot Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos de l'Arlot

Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 92 points

Strong flowers on thenose, herb & fruit bearing. Very strong fruit, violets & flowers, and musty earth expression which will balance w/ its minerals & terroir over time. Will become quite nice . . . but not sure if it's my style. Still . . . worthy of its score!

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2010 Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Les Favières

Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 93 points

2010 Burgundy wine tasting at the Wine Exchange, OC, CA.

Beautifully balanced nose w/all the right terroir fruit & acid notes. Tannic but rich w/ complexes. Still fruit dominant but NOT overwhelming & NOT detracting from the minerality & soil expression. Very Satisfying. It will be a 93 pointer in 5-6 years!

Allen Meadows writes favorably in Burghound -- I AGREE!!

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2010 Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Les Longeroies

Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 91 points

Allen Meadows writes in Burghound: "A densely fruited nose speaks of plum, blue berry, violet and stone aromas that are followed by rich, velvety and extract-rich flavors that possess stunning complexity and outstanding length. This vibrant effort is impeccably well-balanced and the quality could easily give even a very fine premier cru a run for its money."

I found my experienceclosely parelled his bu twith more fruit& acid on the palateon the palate. I think with a bit of cellaring the expression will become more beautiful andin line with his description! Kudos to Charles Audoin.

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2010 Mongeard-Mugneret Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Narbantons

Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 90 points

Wonderful fragrant nose with good terroir & fruit presence.
Good nose balance overall.
Tasting very congruent with the nose . . . fruit will dominate but with good broad terroir balance throughout.
Will be delicious & expressive in 6+ years.

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2010 Louis Jadot Volnay 1er Cru Clos de la Barre

Pinot Noir more

11/24/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 89 points

2010 Burgundy Wine Tasting at the Wine Exchange, OC, CA.

Rich nose with a good Burgundy expression (Jadot style, to me, delivers very nice Burgundian expression)
Still tannic but opens up slowly with good steady expression. Deep rd & dark fruits, hiding but expressive. Nice minerality with good Volnay terroir showing. Would be very curious how it would taste in 6-10 years . . . will have to get a bottle & sit on it!!
WOuld be good with Pheasant stew or Beouf Borguignon! (Harumph!) :-)

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2005 Château Léoville Poyferré

St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend more

10/27/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 96 points

Had it at a classic years vertical tasting of this wine ('82, '03, '05, and the famous 100 pt. '09), but I liked this one the most of the bunch!!
Very deep and barely ready to drink, deep purple color with subdued earthy/terroir and subdued spiciness on the nose. Deep dark fruit flavors with very rich complex terroir and just the right spiciness showing nice balance, integration, and complexity on the palate.
Most satisfying and will probably go well with a variety of dishes, from various casseroles, to baked and even pan-grilled meats.
Very, very delicious . . . and will have to get me some . . .

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2007 Palliser Estate Pinot Noir

Martinborough more

11/3/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 85 points

I've had other New Zealand wines and other vintages of this wine . . . all's I gotta say is, "eh!".
A slightly musty, very woodsy, backwards fruity/cherry nose.

Unbalanced, slightly bitter, lots of likable vegetal flavors (kind of like the dried veggies in a packet of Lipton Vegetable soup), and cherry flavors. [Could use more fruit expression thought . . .]

Not pleased. Will be looking for a different Kiwi wine!

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2010 County Fair Wines Zinfandel The One Man Band

Sonoma County more

11/3/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 90 points

Nice straight forward young vine (vs. old?) Zinfandel with mouthful of well integrated fruit, hintsof wood & vanilla.
Not terribly complex but very palate & food friendly. Trader Joe's?

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2009 Cuvelier de los Andes Grand Malbec

Valle de Uco more

10/27/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 93 points

Had it at a Cuvelier de Los Andes Tasting . . . A very young wine w/ a hot nose that expressed dark fruity aromas with a balance of earthiness.
Deep dark fruits on the palate with spice & earth, almost as full bodied as a high end California or Ttuscan Merlot. Rich & undulating, lots of body & character.
Very delicious but would give it at least an hour plus to open up!
Liked it so mych that I may obtain an older bottle or two (from previous vintages) to compare.

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2010 Villa Creek High Road James Berry Vineyard

Paso Robles Red Rhone Blend more

10/12/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 94 points

You mean I'm going to be the first to rate this vintage?!

Well, I am already a big fan of Villa Creek, although I don't necessarily fall in love with every wine they produce.
Had a tasting of it at the winery and later opened a bottle the next evening.

Very rich fruity nose with hints of toasted wood and bramble. Very rich fruit expression on the palate with abundant berries, kirsch, hints of olives, pencil lead, and peet.
Still needs to integrate, but one thing impressed me was an extremely long and very pleasant fruit rich finish in the front palate that made this wine very enjoyable.

Had it with an Italian dinner chicken sorrentino pasta dish and it matched quite well. Delish.

My rating: 92-95!

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2009 Villa Creek Mourvedre Damas Noir

Paso Robles more

8/26/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 92 points

First tasted it at the Villa Creek restaurant in Paso Robnles back in April of this year . . . as part of a flight of Villa Creek wines.
Very deep garnet purple color, viscous with good legs present.
Deep earthy, moist peet, and fruit aromas on the nose.
Now I am a big ofan of Villa Crek wines . . . not necessarily every wine produced every year, but have encounered quite a few gems in their wines.
Now this one was a little different but still very enjoyable.
Dominance of dark fruits over red fruits with mulberry and fig present with hints dark cherries, earthiness and peet, good body, balance, and nice med-long finish.
Not as fruit forward as other VC wines I've loved, but quite well made & quite enjoyable. Should blossom a lot more with time and/or decanting.
Never had a 100% Mouvedre before, will buy more.

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2006 Cantine Antonio Caggiano Taurasi Macchia dei Goti

Taurasi DOCG Aglianico more

8/18/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 94 points

Was invited to an authentic style Italian dinner in honor of a visiting friend.
This was the red of the meal. Tannic firm fruit & herb on the nose.
Very fruit expressive with lots of red & dark fruits. Full bodied w/ long finish, tar rinses, bright terroir. Rich and complex. Accompanied the food nicely and brought out great expression of both. Can easily be enjoyed by itself. Good aging potential . . . Just starting to get ready now.

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2001 Senor de Lesmos Rioja Crianza

Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo more

7/31/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 90 points

Good deep garnet color, good legs & viscosity.
Very briary with wet underbrush prominent on the nose.
The fruit is subdued & barely present, nonetheless it showed well with a good med-full body and a med-long finish. Lots of subtle herbal & woodsy flavors, with good structure. Overall very enjoyable.
Would go well with baked meats & dishes, grilled veggies, even a fuller bodied vegan or vegetarian dish.
I enjoyed it!

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2000 Château La Vieille Cure

Fronsac Red Bordeaux Blend more

7/22/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 91 points


Opened a bottle thinkig it was the 2006, as that vintage is more approacheable.
On my last visit I gave it 87 pts; I didn't think it was either that good or that ready to drink.

Now this bottle was a very nice surprise!!! Very earthy, yet fresh, wet brush on the nose. Fruits (berry, plum) were more subdued, but flavors were well integrated showing some spice, wet forest floor, and nice earthiness. A very well tasting Bordeaux. Full bodied with med-long finish. Glad I may have another in stock . . . but will definately look to buy a bottle or two more!!

Higher score this time. Time in teh bottle did this wine good!

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2008 Joseph Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Alexander Valley more

7/21/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 92 points

Mmmm! Delish.
Tasted it at Wine Exchange tasting machines.
Nice nose of dark fruits with a nice forest floor terroir.
Really beautiful California Cab flavor & character, very fruit dominant. Med-full bodied, med finish.
Not overpowering, yet seductive. Can be drunk by itself, but should be careful with food pairing as IT IS very fruit dominant.
The oakiess is not fully integrated, but I figure that if aged two years, it will come around nicely.
A very nice wine. Really enjoyable. Will try to get a few more bottles. Would gift really well . . . after a couple of years will be enjoyed by the receiver with acclaim.

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2009 Château Dallau

Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend more

7/11/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 88 points

I agree closely with RP's taste comments on this wine (see below), although I would give it a slightly higher score -- 88-89.
Tastes Cab dominant with good body, fruit expression, and that embracing Boureaux character. Me likey!!

"This low-level Bordeaux offers attractive plumpness and opulence as well as delicious, pure red and black fruits presented in an uncomplicated style. Enjoy it over the next 3-4 years." - 86-87 Pts Robert Parker - The Wine Advocate

Pictue of label:

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White - Sweet/Dessert

2007 Donnafugata Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé

Zibibbo, Muscat more

6/30/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 94 points

Enjoying this wine after a hearty lunch while attending a major Herf in SoCal. [Shamelss plug.]

A nice light maple color with an intense sweet/cling nose.
A nicely smooth, integrated wine with a long accoodating seductive finish.
Beautiful flavore of apricots, maple, dried fruit, hints of fig, and slight smoke.

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1997 Greenock Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Barossa Valley more

3/14/2012 - MoTheMan wrote: 93 points

Actually opened bottle 2 weeks ago, had a glass & a half; re-visited it last night.
Used an Argon gas system, then kept it in REFRIGERATOR! Couldn't believe how much it evolved and continued to open up in the two weeks.
A very strong nose of bramble, wet stone, and forest floor. Deep fruit presence.
Med long finish w/ very deep fruit flavors w/ red fruits & dark berries. Complex and easily harmonizes with intrinsic herbal/spicy notes.
Would go well with a variety of meat dishes. We had it with a chicken sausage pasta, sundries tomatoes, and roasted peppers.
It was delish.
I couldn't believe that Cab grapes from a hot climate like Australia can exhibit such deep brooding flavours & complexity that are more often associated with cooler climate cabs like Bordeaux, and high elevation California vineyards.
Tight initially but opened up well; changed a lot more over two weeks. The tennins were well integrated, complementing & none interfering, but with enough background presence to allow another 10 years aging, IMO.
I gave it 92-94 pts. A very worthy wine.

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