• Tubulus wrote: (92 points)

    June 29, 2017 - Consistent with other notes, this is a rather plush rhys chard, sliightly golden color, advancing a little bit, far from a tight mineral laser. However it still has mouthwatering acidity and an excellent finish (no bitterness, no heat) to counterbalance the slightly tropical/buttery fruits. A very good version of more of a sterotypical california chard.

  • cookie7 wrote:

    May 31, 2017 - Pop and pour - note after 2 hours. Golden color. Apple, pear and melon on the nose. Similar fruits on the palate, showing some oak and a bit heavy on the palate. Fine wine (though bad QPR), but I believe it is on a quick evolutionary path and I do not see it improving from here.

  • sawira wrote: (92 points)

    May 1, 2017 - Intense tropical fruit nose, followed on the palate. Crisp acidity saves this. No hint of oxidation, just a ripe style. Will go for a few more years for sure.

  • Cote d'Or wrote:

    March 16, 2017 - Tasted over 2 hrs
    -translucent iridescent med gold
    -sweet apple caramel
    -med acidity after some air, med/med+ weight moderately dense sweet ripe apple some tropical mildly oxidative trace mature/lanolin elements, long finish with a touch of oak
    -a serious wine, ripe but not heavy, on its mature plateau, better after 2 hours of air

  • jlm wrote:

    March 10, 2017 - Ripe yellow apple and minerals in the aromatics. The palate is rich and round, with some creaminess to the texture, but it does have a core of acidity to it to my taste. I agree with everyone that this doesn't seem to have the structure for extended aging, but it does not appear on the verge of falling apart in any way.

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  • jreis Likes this wine:

    February 24, 2017 - Some reports of early oxidation got me to pop one of these. I did find some of my 2010 Rhys Horseshoe cards that did seem to be advancing. This bottle is still young, very mineral driven - Meyer lemon, lanolin, white pepper and granite on the nose. Lovely texture but still very angular on the palate - tons of granite and acid with just a hint of tropical fruit. Still many good years ahead of it and no sign of oxidation.

  • Schwarzer Hund Likes this wine:

    February 18, 2017 - Wow! An intense, tightly wound mineral driven chardonnay with citrus fruit (more lime than lemon) with just enough acidity to give it real life. The wine improved dramatically over time and as it warmed from 55 degrees. The bottle was empty by then so we can't say if it continued to improve. Maybe we can control ourselves better with the next bottle.

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  • SStarkjohann wrote: (93 points)

    February 18, 2017 - - Yellow gold color and aromas of banana and pineapple and has flavours of pineapple, banana and butterscotch with a medium body. Smooth texture with a long finish - Tropical fruit, banana on the nose....Carmel and butterscotch very smooth, a nice tartness but not bitter. Drinking very well now will open my next bottle same time next year.

  • SStarkjohann wrote:

    February 18, 2017 - - Yellow gold color.

  • Fisk15 wrote: (91 points)

    January 9, 2017 - Consistent with my last note, enjoy sooner than later.