• Cj802 Likes this wine:

    November 25, 2016 - Was pumped to see this on a wine list at a restaurant and for a reasonable price!

    Beautifully Burgundian nose of restrained fruit and quite a bit of earth. On the lighter side and true to the vintage but with everything nicely balanced. Really lovely.

  • dchoo077 wrote: (90 points)

    September 12, 2016 - PnP. A bit shy on the nose, requiring some vigorous swirling to coax its high toned cherry nose out of the glass. Good freshness and purity with very fine tannins. Could almost be a chambolle but some notes of earth and underbrush betray its NSG origins. Lacking a little in weight but you get the transparency which mugnier is renowned for. Would probably hold on to these for a couple more years before popping the next one.

  • Sixchips600 Likes this wine: (92 points)

    August 27, 2016 - Overall impression is that this is a beautiful 2011. A great winemaker with this difficult vintage. Nose is pure, cool, subdued and beautiful, with a miniscule touch of green. I don't think this will improve much with age. Drink now.

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  • Burgundy Al wrote: (89 points)

    August 11, 2016 - From magnum. Started with lots of red berry nose and palate, but overt green pepper aromas (not quite vegetal) at first I didn't fully enjoyed. That green aspect completely dissipated after open 30+ minutes, and the more charming red fruit took control thereafter.

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  • The Vines That Bind wrote: (91 points)

    July 31, 2016 - Wines of Good Hope: Summer 2016; 7/9/2016-8/31/2016 (River's Inlet, British Columbia): Comparable to the bottle opened in Burgundy two months ago. Aromatically very good. Lots of raspberry and tart red cherry. Tightly wound at first but decanting helped. Some baking spices hanging around as well. Came back to a different half bottle of this left over after a day and it was actually really good juice, just young. Very pleasant.

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  • MWiking wrote: (91 points)

    July 15, 2016 - tight och stramt och inte alls färdigt att drickas än men vädligt gott ändå och lovar mycket för framtiden.

    väldigt mörk och snygg frukt. 91>

  • Rezy13 wrote:

    April 19, 2016 - Tuesday Night Blind Tasting $70+ (Roswell, GA): Pale dull crimson, see through; lots of sulfur, smoky, tire, sour cherry, roses; good fat, sour cherry, very focused, mineral, brick dust, clay; good but very young.

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  • duvinetdeshommes Likes this wine: (89 points)

    April 16, 2016 - Premier nez sur la framboise et la canneberge. En bouche, le fruit est un peu mince à l'ouverture et le vin doit respirer pour perdre son côté fermier. Avec un peu d'aération, le nez se développe sur des notes d'épices douces et la bouche devient plus gourmande, éclatante et plus complexe, avec un léger côté ferreux et une petite touche de pâtisserie très agréable. Le lendemain, le vin est encore très bon et il s'est aussi légèrement bonifié. La prochaine bouteille sera ouverte dans deux ans.

    Mugnier a réussi à produire un vin qui transcende son millésime et j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à boire ce pinot noir. Cela dit, je ne crois pas que son prix soit justifié. J'ai bu des vins aussi bons pour beaucoup moins chers!

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  • jnewman77 Likes this wine:

    March 30, 2016 - Decanted for 30 min prior drinking; this wine was stellar; better than I expected and really excellent. The nose is beautiful and classic Nuits, lovely raspberry, cherry, and cranberry, hints of anise, and the gamy, iron, mineral notes associated with NSG. The palate is more voluptuous than I expected for a 2011, but it is ripe and fleshy with plenty of acidity to keep things fresh and very well integrated tannins. The finish is harmonious. Really a beautifully made wine and a pleasure to drink. I still suspect it will be better in 4-8 years so would probably hold, but it certainly drinks nicely now.

  • janholen wrote: (94 points)

    March 25, 2016 - Pop-n-pour. Although drinking this wine too young and without enough air this is a wonderful wine from a so-so vintage. Red cherry aroma, chalky and faint licorice characteristics on the nose. Very smooth and fine tannins which are integrated nicely. This is an extremely balanced and well-made wine showing great already. I bet the further complexities and nuances come to the forefront in the coming years. Will buy this wine again to find out! Found necessary to move up the score by a tick as by day 2 the wine was even better as deeper flavours had developed. What a great wine - best pinot noir in months.

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