• RayOB wrote: (90 points)

    August 1, 2014 - Drank in Hong Kong
    The first bottle had a slight aftertaste but the second bottle was firing on all cylinders. Nose of peach, apple and butter with a balanced palate and a medium length

  • Mrbuzz Likes this wine: (94 points)

    July 17, 2014 - Dinner at Galletto's (Galletto Ristorante, Modesto Ca.): Decanted for a couple hours…started out with wonderful ripe and creamy peach, green apple fruit…laser beam citrus, sea minerality….later into the night, it plumped up even more, and started showing some buttery notes, not ox.…but still great chalky salty minerals, lemon/lime lift, great tasty Chablis!

  • MattTM wrote:

    July 12, 2014 - Decanted at cellar temp for 2 hours prior to tasting. Dominant lemon rind and lime zest on the nose, with plenty of green apple, crushed sea shells, white flowers, light stone fruits, with some toasted oak lingering in the background. Great nose that's so crisp and citrus-y it almost makes your eyes water. Tons more lemon oil and lime zest follow through on the palate, with tart green apple, white peach, and charred wood. Plenty of saline and crushed limestone dances across the palate, with lively tongue numbing acidity coating the tongue on the finish. There's definitely some oak floating around here but it's not obtrusive, and will surely integrate with some more time in bottle. Delicious now but what a bright future this has in front of it. Fantastic-

  • mmcdds Likes this wine: (94 points)

    June 30, 2014 - This is extraordinary tonight displaying flavors of quiet, but intense green fruit, rich, penetrating oyster shell notes, firm minerality, some saline undertones and a hint of nutmeg, all supported by a brisk acidic spine. This is a nuanced, elegant bottle of wine. Just delicious.

  • lepetitchateau wrote: flawed

    June 29, 2014 - Oxidized - slight at first but then bad.

  • jmoon Likes this wine: (96 points)

    June 26, 2014 - Best white wine I've had - incredible. Pale hold, perfect tropical fruit yet crisp acidity and limes within a creamy texture. Really opened up after an hour.

  • MyCellar01 Likes this wine: (95 points)

    June 22, 2014 - Pale gold in colour.
    Popped and poured.
    Expressive nose with time in the glass. Buttery vanillan oak underlying aroma sharpened by wonderful fruit above, limes, green apples, citrus freshness and zing! An exotic fragrant expression, more enticing with further time open.
    Silky, seductive palate. Full bodied mouthfeel. Melange of generous fruit up front and seamless mid-palate which continues on and on and without end almost, to generous satisfaction.
    Very happy.
    Open one hour, new sensations from a wine that continues to add to its expressive qualities with newfound minerallity and zesty acidity post mid-palate.
    Impressive stuff.

  • Jbird73 wrote:

    June 21, 2014 - Couldn't wait. Finished it off. Fantastic.

  • mmcdds Likes this wine: (90 points)

    June 7, 2014 - Very nice and far superior to the last bottle that was abit flawed. Similar to the Bougros in all respects except not as rich and luxurious as the 08 Bougros, but quite nice.

  • mmcdds wrote: flawed

    June 4, 2014 - Not a good night for Chablis at my house. The first two bottles of La Forest were premoxed and undrinkable and this bottle had the very barest hint of cork and, while still drinkable, was fairly flat and uninteresting. A shame.