• cannym Likes this wine: (93 points)

    April 8, 2017 - While clearly there are issues with Fevre this was a pristine bottle, still youthful really. Mid gold/green. Sea spray, lime & lemon, clean green vegetables. Lovely fresh acidity, chalk, great depth and texture. Good length. Clean finish. Lovely. And bottles in this condition, good for a while.

  • Winevestor wrote: flawed

    January 23, 2017 - This was my third, count 'em 3, flawed bottles in a week. Very disappointing. All oxidized. This one less than the others, and you could taste what a wine this could have been. However - undrinkable. What is going on?

  • Winevestor wrote: flawed

    January 15, 2017 - Two bottles, on consecutive days, that were heavily oxidized. It didn't taste corked, but undrinkable. The provenance was good, so what the heck? I've one more left, which I'll try soon.

  • J o e wrote: (95 points)

    December 6, 2016 - Pale yellow. The 2007 Fevre Preuses opens up with aromas of sea spray, lime and a hint of matchstick. Medium-bodied in the mouth, with a chiseled rock-like structure, dominated at present by Granny Smith apples, lemon rind and minerals. Very long on the finish, with serious mouth-cleansing cut that reverberates on the gums for some time. This is still very young, and ideally should be aged for another 5 years or so. A very impressive young Chablis that should only improve with age. 95+.

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  • Cote d'Or wrote: flawed

    October 7, 2016 - Heavily oxidized. Too bad, there's buckets of snappy and sappy minerality underneath.

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  • jmoore431 wrote: (91 points)

    August 1, 2016 - Full straw, nice Chard colored; very soft, shy nose of apple, bosc pear, fruit pit and crushed gravel; a definite sense of balance and near full maturity. Subdued acid structure gives sense that this is not for the adventurous over the long haul. Very nice but not profound in any way. The cognescenti raved about this on release but any crispness, lime,..."has left the building!"

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  • asparagus Likes this wine: (90 points)

    July 10, 2016 - very good chablis from a very dependable producer. pale yellow colour with greenish hints. no premox here. very linear at first but improved with air. improved everyday over 3 days. will rebuy if i can get find it at the original price

  • Thoughtful Likes this wine: (92 points)

    July 3, 2016 - Stored in cold cellar since release. Excellent balance and depth with good classic mineral flavours. Not quite as good as expected.

  • JS199 wrote: (92 points)

    June 20, 2016 - Still young, great potential. 92+

  • d'Artagnan wrote: (90 points)

    June 12, 2016 - Baptême de Simone
    Nez réduit, un peu oxydatif.
    Belle bouche, pure et bien ciselée, noisettes. Joli et salin en finale, juste un brin fatiguée pour mériter une meilleure note. 90 pts