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Thursday, May 16, 2013 - Excellent color, deep dark blood red with purple. Dense and almost opaque. Big, glass staining legs. Great nose. No mistaking that it's Syrah. Blackcurrant, blackberry, licorice, crushed violet, peppercorn and kirsch.

However, quite harsh on the palate, initially. Wile there is something to be said for the nice bite of bright, mouthwatering, jammy cherries (good), I wasn't keen on the harsh tannins, nor the combination of the overripe and unripe fruit, and a stemmy, green quality. I did not think it overly hot, but there is no denying that this is a huge wine, loads of alcohol, but mostly constrained by the rest of the palate.

Acidity is excellent, and the finish was long and strong, and much better than the initial approach.. So I decided to leave it alone for a little and breathe.

After some air it softened, but there was still too much bitterness for my taste, and more heat started to show.

Still, an amazing wine for the price - the bitterness just took it down a couple of points for me - wishing the palate were as good as the nose. Would be great with some seared off steaks, tho!

...update: wi an hour of air, this improved a lot. Bumped it up a point. Will try another bottle in a year..

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