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Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - Ty-Ku Sake Super Premium Junmai Ginjo Imported; 330 ml; 15 percent alcohol by volume; Semiaaibuai 45 percent; 45 kcal;l 1.8 (? units) carbs, 15 percent abv, SMV (Sake sweetness scale) +2.0 (the higher the drier, this is dry). Amino acids 1.7; T-closure, synthetic (plastic). Sakai Japanese Restaurant, Tuesday, March 5, 2013. 330 ml/$25.00.

Light tinge of green-yellow. Quite clingy sheeting but little in the way of 'tearing'. Starts very neutral but airing, swirling, and allowing it to slightly warm in the glass giveds some good development Resinous vanilla and a slight floral, somewhat pasty/papery notes, with a white peach undercurrent, followed by a crisp, energetic citrus and a slight tannic grip. Becomes quite integrated and umami-laden with richness on the finish. Splash-decanting and a day or two in the refrigerator might well add a point and make things nicer; evidence of koji fermentation.

It's hard to determine where the 'Willamette Valley, Oregon' comes from; I don't see it on the label. Was this product formerly made from Oregon-grown rice, or brewed in Oregon? Comments appreciated.

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