1947 Chenet Vouvray Moelleux

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Monday, February 25, 2013 - Loire in the afternoon with two Vouvray from 1947. (NYC): A rare treat. Don't even bother looking for this wine. As it was explained to us by our host, this isn't from a domaine. Rather, the man who made it was a restaurateur who happened to have some vines and made some wine in that great vintage and gave two bottles to our host back in the day. Given how well the wine showed, it's a testament to the vintage and backs up the often stated pearl of wisdom that in a great vintage, the best thing a winemaker can do is just get out of the way. Initially it showed a little old and tired, with a strong shoe polish note, toasted nuts, desiccated apricot and orange marmalade. It didn't show all that sweet and while pleasant, it just didn't have much spark. As is often the case with old Vouvray, a little bit of air does wonders. I'm reminded of the scene in Back to the future when Marty McFly is about to fade out of existence and then his parents kiss at the dance and he comes springing back to life. Suddenly, the acidity came up, then the sweetness then the flavors became more vibrant and showed more depth. After twenty or so minutes in the glass, we were astounded when the wine took on intense cardamom and other Indian spice flavors and aromas with just a bit of toffee on the finish. Remarkable and a true treat to try. A-.

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