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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - Drank over the past 1 1/2 weeks as a science project. Outstanding but just a smidge behind the 2006 Quilceda Creek tasted on release recently. Over the course of a week the HSS is a bit less complex, even at its peak, so one point less. However, I am very happy to have this vintage of HSS in the cellar. Lots of upside potential and years of life ahead of it. I don't plan to touch another one until 2019.

Day 1 - Took about 3 hrs in the glass to knit into a massive two-note wine filled with loads of cassis & graphite.
Day 2 - Even more cassis & graphite.
Day 3 - Not tasted.
Day 4 - Add sweet oak and tannins on the fine side to the mix.
Day 5 - Add cocoa and a hint of tobacco with floral notes. This was the peak day.
Day 6 - Became disjoint, thinned out, and acidic.
Day 7 - Rebounded with dark chocolate and a silky mouthfeel.
Day 8 - More of the same. Still very pleasing after sitting recorked on the counter for over a week .

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