2000 Château Lynch-Bages

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 - Had this at a beautiful summer luncheon with special friends. Immaculate presentation of the bottle and once opened the cork displayed satisifying aromas of quince and sandwood. ephemeral in an indefinable way. I must of spent 5 minutes with my nose in the glass just taking in the magnificant aroma. It took me back to the halcyon days at Oxford, with Marcus, punting, those lazy , carefree, gay days!.... If ever a cork knows its attendant wine this is it, like Anthony and Cleopatra; expressive,ellusive, daring (but brown), hiding it's true nature but still daring to suggest, wispering it's secret, the voice that dare not speak, the love that hides it's true intent. And then we poured the wine!!! Those legs! The way they hung on to the glass and slowly, ever so slowly slid down the rim. Oh the rim! Brown but still puckish; Adonis stood proud upon the field of battle! Strident, stalwart, blessed. A statuesque muse for the drinking classes. Michelangelos David , writ in all his glorious sensual might. And then the taste. Oh the taste. The ambrosial nectar of the gods spilled on to my ever welcoming lips. Ophelia and Oberon danced their whimsy across my enchanted palate...oh to taste....oh to suffer the torment and the pleasure. Salty but sweet, I drunk like a greedy giddy choirboy, enraptured, spellbound, a whispered longing in the vespers, like the first throws of Debussy on an untrained mind.

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