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Sunday, December 30, 2012 - I went looking for images of this wine, but there’s not much out there, and there’s not much written about, either. It is a blended red wine. It is 15.4% alcohol, which is a lot. I found someone who claims the blend is:

"zinfandel, petite syrah, syrah, charbono, gamay, cab, and malbec, selected from excess bulk wines provided by some more well-known and unnamed vineyards." (http://spiritofwine.blogspot.com/2010/04/relativity-vineyards-quantum-reserve.html).

[I added the image of the cork and bottle to this site.]

The label is hard to make out. But the in embossed in black near the label’s top, it reads “E=MC2“. Below that in red, it reads “RELATIVITY VINEYARDS”. And in the red band, it reads “Quantum Reserve”.

The back of the label indicates the wine is from Saint Helena, California.

E=MC^2 Quantum Reserve has dark cherry color. It’s about 85-90% opaque.

It’s nose is delicious. There’s vanilla, plums, raspberries, dark cherries, black currants, and a hint of strawberries. I think it going to be jammy.

It’s oddly salty, especially on the finish. That’s weird. I’ve never experienced that before. I wonder if Saint Helena is near the ocean. (I just checked. It’s about 60 miles inland. I doubt salty ocean breezes travel that far.)

I pick up cantaloupe on the taste and maybe a hint of chocolate and a hint of raspberry jam. It’s hard to pick up much. This would be a really good wine if it wasn’t salty. It’s less salty each sip, but it is still noticeable . . . noticeable on the finish but not in the mouth. I think the salt is some how related to the Malbec. There’s also cherry Kool-Aid on the finish.

What a weird wine.

I’m going to give this 87 points. Without the salt it could be an 89, but it’s difficult to be sure.

I definitely over paid for this one.

And now for a haiku I wrote earlier this year:

Einstein's Haiku
(For Melissa)

Everything I do
Means I want to love you squared –
Come with me and prove

To learn more about the cool things going on in that haiku, go here: https://thelinebreak.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/einsteins-haiku.

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or here: http://bit.ly/TW52xI

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