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Monday, January 16, 2012 - A Dense, dark ruby color and full in body, this wine is BIG. I opened and decanted to let the wine breathe a bit since earlier notes said this was young and tight; sure enough, young and tight but bursting with complexity in the bouquet. Warm raspberry, black pepper, cinnamon, tons of garrigue, and an earthy/mushroom aroma assault and arrest the nostrils; seriously, I couldn't pull my nose out of the glass all night. Olfactory orgasm.
Once the wine opens up it is bright and playful in the mouth with great structure and grip and a cool velvety texture that belies the full body. Although the tannins and acid are abundant, they are not overpowering or unpleasant but instead suggest great aging potential; this wine is begging to be left alone for years and promising to reward those who can.
Bright raspberry hits on the front of the palate while the mid palate is dominated by dry herbs and dusty minerals. The finish is still a little veiled although, chocolate and pomegranate seem to come to mind and there is a slight oakiness just before the astringency of the tannins wipe the palate clean. There is also just a playful hint at sweetness that is reminiscent of anise but it's covered by the tanic finish before it truly develops. (Near the end of the bottle, 5 hours in the decanter, the finish really began to show a beautiful creamy, exotic mushroom and the nose reflected it as well). All that being said, the finish lingers for nearly two minutes, developing all the while and promising good things to come.
While young and big, this is definitely enjoyable now and worth the $50 price-tag but, if you have the diligence to lay this down for at least a couple years you will be very happy you did so. While I never put a number to my notes, I feel the 91 this has in the CT community is low so, I will go against my normal routine and give this a 93-94++.

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