2009 Hauts de Pontet-Canet

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - Felt the need to post detailed tasting notes as the notes for this wine here and on the net were not a decent assessment of the wine at its present state of evolution.

Liquid vanilla. The oak interplay with the merlot gives this wine the unique signature of an 09 bdx with at least 40% Merlot (however I haven't looked at the tech sheet, so thats guesswork at best).

Its very ripe, very balanced and very new worldy. I can't stop thinking that it is a dead ringer for an 8 month younger 09 Rol Valentin (which seems to have shed a touch of its vanillin at present).

Touches of milky chocolate and a feeling of viscosity boost the palate's feeling a bit more than its medium+ body would normally imply. Given its phenolic complexity and low acid, it appears to be an early drinker (kind of implied by the vintage if you are familiar with 2009 bordeaux), but this little brother to the infamous 09 Pontet Canet is still a baby.

Great kirsch, currant and sweet red cherry play nicely with the slightly dusty tannin. In such a ripe vintage I would like a bit more underlying old world complexity and power, but the hedonistic side of me loves how luscious this baby is! It screams drink me now!! For an old world francophile like me, this is the perfect bridge to link old and new world. If you have ever had 03 Pichon Lalande, this is essentially a totally primary, although somewhat dusty-tannined, version of it.

I would give it a 91+ because of the lack of complexity and concentration, but I would recommend this much quicker than most 93-95 pt wines I have tasted just for sheer enjoyment factor. Its so easy to love.

Quick update: 5 hours in and the tannic grip has taken hold, the vanillin has shed its weight giving way to a violet coffee overtone that is seesawing with the black currant and cassisy flavors/aromatics. Very good harmony at this point..not backward, just young. walnutty/Cinnamon/curry/cumin-incense aroma is also pretty cool on the back end of the nose of a soft inhale..midpalate also picked back up. In the end I think this wine will merit a different judgment based on when you taste it..as it is a true kaleidoscope wine (as are so many warm vintage bdx).. Best guess 92 (probably closer to a 91 if rated by parker), but the most delicious 92 pointer you'll taste.

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    2/19/2013 8:22:00 PM - A fantastic salinity just emerged at just before the 2 hour decant mark..So did some slight violet tinged florals as the tannins are starting to firm up slightly, which is very typical for such a youngin with stacked phenolics. Some indian curries (durban style) as well as some wasabi singed asian spices are unfolding, although every so slightly. Its also hinting at a bit of a graphite/tar mix (totally different type than graves though).

    probably an 89-91 at this stage as the mid palate kind of dipped a bit..still almost makes me feel I should be punished for the enjoyment factor this wine can bestow upon the unsuspecting (soon to be) drunkard!

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