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Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - Refrigerated for a couple hours on the day the truck dropped it off, then opened and immediately served with fried chicken and boiled potatoes with cream gravy.
Appearance - brilliant, free of any dullness, murkiness, cloudiness or sediment. 2 points.
Color very pleasing light yellow color. 1 point.
Aroma and bouquet - medium-intensity nose of citrus (white grapefruit) and pineapple. Lesser notes of apricot and pear. Light and crisp smell. Very pleasing. 4 points.
Volatile acidity - no vinegary or unpleasant acidic smells of any sort. 1 point.
Total acidity - crisp, bright acidity enhances the essence of grapefruit and pineapple. Not in any way sharp or unpleasant, but the acid is clearly apparent. 1 point.
Sweetness - this wine is fully dry with no detectable sweetness. What residual sugar there is perfectly balances the acidity to make a well-balanced crisp white wine. 1 point.
Body/Texture - Feels nice in the mouth. Definitely not "thin", despite its 13.7% alcohol content, but neither is it viscous like a desert wine. 2 points.
Taste/Flavor - The same citrus, pineapple apricot and pear as in the nose. No "off" or distracting notes of any sort. No yeastiness or chemical notes. The flavor is appropriate to my understanding of the Albarino grape and is good to drink alone but definitely holds up to food 2 points.
Bitterness/Astringency - Of course, this is not a tannic wine. There is a very slight and appropriate bitterness that helps evoke the grapefruit. 2 points.
General quality - this is a damn fine white wine. Probably not a classic, but I'm glad I bought it and I'll be sorry when it's gone. 3 points.

19 points on the UC Davis 20-point scale. I'm going with a 91 on a 100-point scale.

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