2004 Château Pontet-Canet

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - Wow !

this PONTET CANET 2004
is amazing among the other´s (2004)

in general:
I like most of the 2004 ´s like
Lascombes 2004, Montrose 2004, Palmer 2004, and so on ...

this 2004 PONTET CANET has all of them:
in other word´s its beating them in its manner to represent
all the Goodness which can be in such a YEAR like 2004-

The colour is dense purpel - looking allready thick and like a
Stone --- as well

The Smell is pouring out of the glass immediately !°
without even getting to close to the glass

and The NOSE is so awsome Real classy BORDAUX of Paulliac ;-)
kirsch- licorice- tabacco and new oak, vanilla and dry
amarena kirsch- a little hint of cassis and boisn berries ...


is in the Beginning peppery - like a wood of Cedar and Eucalyptus as well - so in other word´s massively in its primary Taste ..
and then the Symphony comes with a lot of other hints of tastes ! Cacao, dried fruits like a portion of good rum punch and its flavour of elder (Sambucus nigra) and plums and figs ...

and in some more year´s propably mor e to come
of some layers are overlayed by the thick struckture of a wood ;-)

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