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  • A great education in the effects of time on a wine. This wine isn't complex or flawed, but the descriptors mirror those states. Intact cork, soaked 3/4 of the way up, but dry on top w/o any signs of seepage. Appears a sort of rusty orange and not particularly viscous when poured.

    N: musty, tobacco, mushroom, burnt sugar, dried herb - rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus. The sense of these descriptors is more tertiary - i.e. due to the process of aging - than fruit-driven. The only fruit-type element is a sort of moldy, ferment-y orange character.

    M: Neither thin nor thick; assertively herbal in a pleasant way. Reminiscent of the orange/herb ricola cough drops. Very little in the way of a finish.

    I hesitate to rate this wine. Probably somewhere in the mid to high 80s in terms of sensory enjoyment. 86 or 87. A simple wine that sat ignored for too long w/o either gaining complexity or falling apart. It's just...different on account of what time has done to it.

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