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[[D.O.]] Bierzo is located on the western edge of the province of [[León]], next to the [[Galicia|Galician]] border. The region has a distinct microclimate, being at relatively low altitude and protected on both sides by mountains, marking a transition between the arid [[meseta]] and verdant Galicia.

The Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route passes directly through the region and the predominant red grape, [[Mencía]], was allegedly introduced by pilgrims. Mencía makes up 70% of planting and many wines are 100% Mencía. [[Garnacha Tintorera]] is the secondary red grape, although there are also experimental plantings of other varieties, including [[Merlot]] and [[Cabernet Sauvignon]]. Whites may contain [[Godello]], [[Doña Blanca]], [[Palomino]] and [[Malvasia]].

Bierzo produces much inexpensive bulk table wine but an influx of smaller bodegas around the turn of the millenium are producing modern-styled wines attracting international critical acclaim.

Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Bierzo