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Sybille Kuntz

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Synopsis: The Weingut Sybille Kuntz is a quality producer of Mosel wines in the Middle Mosel commune of Lieser, owning vineyard land belonging to Lieser, Kues, and Wehlen. It is owned by husband-wife team Sybille Kuntz, the winemaker, and Markus Kuntz-Riedlin, the vineyard manager. The estate covers some 6.5 ha (14.5 acres) but it has been recently expanded. The estate is known for its committment to producing high-quality Trocken or dry Riesling, unusual for its region. The estate has modeled ideal production of dry riesling by emphasis on proper conditions throughout the entire winemaking cycle--from plantation of vines to work in the cellar. The estate is not certified organic although it uses such techniques, but has no ultimate control over viticultural practicies of its neighbors that might affect its vines. The estate is 100 percent planted to Riesling; soils range from fractured blue Devon slate to slate admixed with quartz. Target yields are about 45 hl/ha.

The production of wine is interventionally minimalist and hand-labor oriented. Stainless steel containers are available in the cellar for wines that need a brightness of expression; some dessert wines are aged in neutral oak casks (Fuder).

The estate has attempted to reduce the great number of marginally different bottlings produced by most German estates, by making two basic cuvée: the Estate Riesling Trocken and the Gold-Quadrat Riesling Trocken. The Gold-Quadrat is distinguished by a golden square on the label, while the Estate Riesling has a green square. The two are similar but the Gold-Quadrat is a reseve bottling using lots of wine selected for their intensity and age-worthiness. When conditions warrant, a few noble-sweet wines are produced, but these tend to be lower in sweetness and higher in alcohol than those produced by their neighbors, giving a more Alsatian feel to these wines. Rarely individual parcel bottlings are made, such as the two marketed in 2005: the Riesling Held and the Riesling Scharz, both //feinherb// (off-dry) wines. Most of the wines produced are intended for use at table with food.

Telephone: (06531) 91000 and 91003.
Location of Gutshaus and salesroom is at
25 Bernkastel-Lieser, Moselstr. 25, on the main riverfront road going through the town.
The working cellar is at Paulsstr. 48 in Lieser and can be visited on Saturday.