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Château Recougne

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Château Recougne

On a hillside, at the edge of the Fronsadais, 4 km from Lalande de Pomerol.
AREA: : 51 hectares
SOILS: : Siliceous clay on a thick subsoil of iron oxides.
AVERAGE VIN AGE: : 35 years old
75% Merlot
15% Cabernet Sauvignon
10%Cabernet Franc
AVERAGE PRODUCTION: : 370 000 bottles
VITICULTURE: Chateau Recougne is home to Mrs. Hélène Milhade. The vineyards surround the Chateau and the winemaking facilities, which were classified under the Fronsac Appellation many years ago. Merlot is best suited to the terroir and is the majority planting, complemented by both Cabernets. Factors that contribute to the quality of the vineyard include : several parcels of very old vines (50 years), environmentally friendly viticultural techniques (minimal spraying), low yields through green harvesting and excellent canopy management.

VINIFICATION: At the winery, the grapes are 100% destemmed and crushed before being placed in temperature controlled vats. Prior to fermentation, approximately 20% of the juice in each vat is siphoned off in order to increase the skin to juice ratio (this juice is then used to make Rosé wine). Natural yeasts trigger fermentation and a twice daily regimen of pumping the juice over the skins begins remontage and an oxygen pump. The wine is racked every 3 months and therefore only needs a light filtration. Final blending and bottling takes place 18 months after the harvest.

CHARACTERISTICS: The wines produced at Chateau Recougne have an incredible capacity to age. There are vintages from the 1950’s in our cellars that are still drinking very well.
- Color : mid to full cherry red.
- Nose : moderate / full intensity with appealing ripe red fruits and a mineral element.
- Palate : medium to full bodied, layers of rich flavors – plums, cherries and cassis- fine but firm tannins that give structure, a meaty structure, well balanced and showing good length.