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2012 Stillman Brown Viognier Chateau d'Abalone

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ABV: 15.0%
pH: 3.42
RS: 9.7 g/l
production: 114 CASES

Winemaker notes:
One ton per acre and one percent residual sugar? Let me explain, please, lest you shut your snob prejudice palate to this beautiful wine - I share the same distaste for out of balance, artificially sweetened swill. This isn’t one, and I am not the only wino to drink my words after tasting it; my assistant winemaker swears this is the best Paso Robles Viognier he’s ever had, and his have won a pile of medals. While the very low vineyard yield was the result of am unprotected, horrid hot spell in July, the wine has more than abundant acidity and the fermentation stuck naturally. The peach, pineapple, citrus and coconut (not from barrel!) aromas and flavors are stunning, and the palate has a real richness and viscosity. Rather than ruin the wine by heating and adding ‘fix-it’ yeast, or blending it out, I chose to bottle it as is and show it off. Perfect in a hot tub, or with Cthulhu’s favorite seafood with mango salsa.