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The Clos de Tart was founded in 1141 by the Tart Abbey Bernardine sisters, a branch of the nearby Cistercian congregation. In 1791, the Clos de Tart was originally purchased by the Marey-Monge family. Later it was acquired by the Mommessin family, from the Mâconnais, who then became the sole owners of this estate. The Clos de Tart is a single plot of land covering 7.53 hectares of vines located on the Morey-Saint-Denis terroir in the Côte de Nuits. Since its creation, this Clos has never been parcelled out and it is presently the largest Grand Cru classified property with a single owner in all of Burgundy.

“There are no secrets or magic tricks. Low yields, late harvesting for greater ripeness, more intensity, maximum quality control and a philosophy of winemaking according to the strictest laws of purity are key to greatness in wines that don’t have to wait to be consumed.” – Sylvain Pitiot