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NV Pol Roger Champagne Brut Réserve

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* ASSEMBLAGE Pinot Noir ~ Chardonnay ~ Pinot Meunier
* A Title and "Trademark": Pol Roger Non ~ Vintage has long been instantly recognizable not only for the classic script of the label , but for the distinctive white foil closure which forms its "Trademark"; hence the popular sobriquet "White Foil". Its is often remarked in Champagne that a House's quality should be judged by its Non ~ Vintage. This is a doctrine to which Pol Roger are firm adherents. The blending of their most popular Cuvee (blend) is a source of particular pride, a complex task that is the exclusive preserve of a select circle of family members. The style is versatile, suited to most "champagne occasions" . "White Foil" can be enjoyed as an aperitif, as a complement to a meal, or at any time as the elixir of celebration.
* Composition of the Cuvee : The guiding principles of blending are the achievement of harmony and consistency. The "White Foil" blend is traditionally composed from around 30 still base wines, drawn from different vineyard sites ('crus'). grape varieties {'cepages'} and vintage years. The blend contains approximately one third each of the classic grape varieties of Champagne:
* 33% Pinot Noir (contributing body, depth of character and life extending tannins) drawn primarily from villages of the Montagne de Reims : Verzy, Verzenay, MaiUy, Ambonnay, Mardeuil, Louvois.
* 33% Pinot Meunier (for youthful freshness, vigour and plump fruit character) drawn from the Vallee de la Marne and the Petire Vallee d'Epernay : Vincell es, Venreuil, Troissy, Damery, Vandieres, Brugny Chavot, Monthelon and Pierry.
* 33% Chardonnay (giving lightness. elegance and finesse) from Epernay and the heart of the Cote des Blancs : Cuis, Oiry, Oger, Vertus, Moussy, Chollilly.
* Average Age "White Foil" is never sold until the youngest component is a minimum of 3 yea rs old, notwithstanding the rules of the CIVC (Comire Inrerprofessionel du Vin de Champagne) which permit the release of wines after only 15 months. This additional maturity contributes much to the reputation "White Foil" enjoys. "White Foil" generally contains the wines of at least two vintages, often three or four. Reserve wines compose between 20-30% of the traditional blend.
* Special Features of Production: "White Foil" is composed of wines drawn only from the Cuvee (the first, light pressing) and, where appropriate, the taille (second pressing), which provides a higher proportion of essential tannins. After clarification of the "must" (grape juice) at 8C, a process unique to Pol Roger, the temperature of fermentation is closely controlled to ensure the optimum retention of fresh fruit character and aromas. The process is carried out in neutral vessel s; Pol Roger believe that fermentation in oak barrels, the method retained by some Champagne Houses, leads to the substitution of woody flvours in place of the freshness of the grape, which all their methods are designed to capture. The Pol Roger cellars. extending to some 7 km, are among the coolest (at c. 9.5°C) and deepest in Epernay, the lowest gallery being some 33 metres underground. These provide perfect conditions for the secondary fermentation and period of rest on the lees : the resultant, exquisite mousse of tiny bubbles is a Pol Roger hallmark. Pol Roger believe in traditional remuage ('riddling') and retain four skilled 'remueurs' in their cellars. Afrer remuage, and a final disgorgement (disgorging), bottles if "White Foil" are rested for a minimum period on either side of the Channel before being sold. The Pol Roger Non-Vintage Cuvee is marketed worldwide under the specification ' Brut', with a dosage (sweetening) of c. 12 grammes per litre.