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Schloss Vollrads

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The Wine Estate
Schloss Vollrads is one of the oldest Wine Estates in the world. Wine sales have been documented as early as 1211 and ever since.
We are solely focused on producing Riesling wines on our vineyard surface, which totals 148 acres.
It is our goal to produce Rieslings of highest quality which exhibit the individuality and complexity of the Riesling grape as well as the authentic characteristics of our soil. Our tradition is commitment as well as challenge. This passion for quality is shared by each member of Schloss Vollrads, from the vineyard, to the cellar, to the Vinothek.

Decoding Legacy Capsule Colors: Like Schloss Johannisberg, Schloss Vollrads has used capsule colors to identify wines, well beyond the 'Goldkap' signalling system. The Modern Wine Encyclopedia by Hugh Johnson, 1983 Ed., p. 252. states: "Different qualities of the estate's wines are distinguished by an elaborate system of colored capsules: green for QbA, blue for Kabinett, pink for Spätlese, white for Auslese, gold for Beerenauslese, and Trockenbeerenauslese, with a code of silver bands for dry wines and gold for sweeter wines." Since about 2001, no capsules have been used on Schloss Vollrads, and sweeter wines have been extremely rare. jht