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2008 Scholium Project Naucratis Lost Slough Vineyards

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Release Notes - The 2008 Naucratis is a return to the form of the 2006. The 2007 wine was almost disproportionately strong; the 2005 and 2006 wines had been beautiful, fragrant, charming. The 2007 was aggressive by comparison; very ripe and alcoholic. Both it and the Gemella seemed like wines made from smaragd Gruner Veltliner. We are now back in the relm of the beautiful, and, for our wines, of the delicate.
We harvested almost a week earlier in 2008; the final wine this year has more acid and less alcohol than the 2007. Lost Slough offered us enough Verdelho this year that it made sense to rent a large stainless steel fermenter at Wooden Valley Winery. This allowed us to ferment the wine under refrigeration and under CO2 as we had done so successfully in 2006. The malolactic bacteria started their work in secret while the yeast were still eating sugar and they have been hard to throttle back. For that reason, there is a slight malo character in the nose, adding a new note to usual lime blossoms of the wine.
It is worth emphasizing the virtues of this wine and distinguishing it from some of our other wines: I learned how to make this wine as a discipline-- precisely in order to know how to make a wine that is straightforward, clean, and direct. Lost Slough is a special vineyard; this wine is neither shy nor typical. It will not get lost or be mistaken for something else. But it is a wine next door; it is not a strange wine, not exaclty the sibling of the Prince.
Lastly, we debuted Naucratis in 2005 at $24 per bottle. I was delighted to have found a vineyard that allowed me to make a wine whose price was not forbidding. I raised the price to $28 in 2007 because I made less wine, and the wine that I made seemed more serious. I am happy to be pushed by our shared economic circumstances to lower the price of the 2008 release not only to the levels of 2005, but lower. I am determined that as many people as possible try this wine, drink it, and enjoy it-- with as little pang over a luxurious expense as possible.
900 cases