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2007 Dominus Estate

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The 2007 vintage began dry with some very cold days and single-digit nighttime temperatures in early January, and continued dry, with about 60% of normal precipitation through the spring. Temperatures were warmer than normal in April and May with resulting earlier budding, bloom and set. The summer growing season continued on the mild to cool side. There was a brief period of heat that spiked to 103F on August 29th, but the temperatures cooled after several days. Clusters, as well as individual berries on the clusters were notably small and nicely concentrated in all varieties due to the dry season.

Beginning date of harvest: September 11
Final date of harvest: October 5
Percentage of new barrels: 40%
Time in barrels: 18 months
Bottling date: June 2009
9-liter cases produced: 5000
Release date: June 2010

94% Cabernet Sauvignon
3% Cabernet Franc
3% Petit Verdot