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1998 R. López de Heredia Rioja Rosado Gran Reserva Viña Tondonia

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Notes from US Importer, Christian Troy, Douglas Polaner Selections, July, 2009

"I swear to you that this wine is breathtakingly crisp. Brisk, actually. Then, unlike other top roses it doesn't just finish with a long lacey finish, instead this wine twists and revels in a kaleidoscope of earth, stone fruits, and pink fruits. Whirling. Showing nuances that I have only experienced in two other wines (but not as much as Lopez...Tempier and Simone). For me, whether I worked for Polaner or not, this is simply the best rose produced on Earth. For the money, you don't get a more interesting, enjoyable, perplexing, opera-etic like experience in this category then...

Note: This wine was just released a couple of months ago. In terms of Lopez, it is an infant that was just born.

Josh Raynolds of Tanzer's International Wine Cellar recently rated Lopez's Rosado- along with Tempier, Simone, Cotat, Pradeaux, and Peyrassol- the finest rose in his tasting of over a 100 different wines. His review is below. The verbage is spot on as far as the palate goes although I do disagree with him on the point of this wine being a rose. It is a rose!"