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La Mairie et du Syndicat des Vins de Vacqueyras - Read more about Vacqueyras
* The appellation area covers the two communes of Vacqueyras and Sarrians, within the Vaucluse "département", at the base of the "Dentelles de Montmirail" hills.
* The soils are alluviums and terraces of glacier origin, formed during the Riss period of the quaternary era (between 120 and 300 thousand years BC).
* The climate is hot and dry, with a high level of sunshine hours.
* History : following the decree that gave appellation status to the Côtes du Rhône, in 1937, Vacqueyras was given named status as "Côtes du Rhône Vacqueyras", before being classified as "Côte du Rhône Villages" in 1955. It obtained full appellation rank under its own name in 1990.
* Production area : 1,300 hectares/3210 acres, for an annual production of 45,000 hec­toliters/500 cases with a basic yield of 36 hecto­liters/hectare (2 US tons/acre).
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