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  • 1994 Château Pontet-Canet

    The wine showed beautifully. The prominent feature of the nose is cigar box, reminded me exactly of the boxes my grandfather would give me. Beautiful, deep smell. Just wanted to keep breathing it. Some earth and leather but mostly cigar box. In the mouth the wine is beautiful. Little fruit, restrained tannin, all graceful Bordeaux masculinity. Leather, tobacco and cool earth. It was sad to finish the bottle, the last of a really good wine that significantly outperforms the vintage.

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  • 2012 Proper Wines Syrah

    So maybe meeting Mom is not a bad idea. On the second night, this wine has deepened and become more structured, less all about flavor. Very granitic and more sharply focused. Yet the depth and flavor is still present, just not as prominent. Hints of tar weave through the black fruit, finishing with sweet tannins and kirsch and, really incredible, a sweet tar that lingers. This is really something.

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  • 2012 Proper Wines Syrah

    say what you want about wines that are all about flavor, sometimes they are like a girl all about fun. Nothing complex or deep. Just balanced flavors, yummy, great mouth feel. (The wine, not the girl. Where does your mind go?) but, it does have The Rocks flavors and a bit of the funk. But, really, this is just the girl who makes life fun. Not going to take her home to meet Mom, so just enjoy it. You can go back to your Cote-Rotie next weekend.

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