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  • 2006 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir

    Well, since my last note I actually only seem to have one remaining, with the other in that "missing, presumed drunk" category. Nearly four years since my last - and disappointing - bottle, which left me puzzling over where this would go. (This, incidentally, is another case of the value of using CT for me, as I probably would have said it was within the last two years when I last had this.)

    So, quite clear and un-spritzy on pouring. Did seem to evidence some second fermentation on nose and palate, but much more immersed in the wine as a whole and not a major issue. The wine definitely did improve on this occasion with some time, i.e., better at seven hours than at 0-3 hours. Strawberry, at later points more strawberry cheesecake, with a mineral strain, lifesaver. Pretty good and easily drinkable, but with some issues.

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  • 2011 Domaine de la Reuilly Reuilly Les Pierres Plates

    A very fine Sancerre look-alike. Grapefruit, grass, citrus pith, mineral water. 87-88

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  • 2006 Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard

    Well, this just keeps surprising every time. Not very dimensional on PnP, until it gets just a little while to breathe, then it just starts unfolding. Never ostentatious, just layers of interesting fruit, earth, barrel, herbs. Lots of chocolate, garrigue, roasted coconut, cassis, rich tobacco, dill, carob, green peppercorn. Delightful. 92-93

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