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  • KingBarolo says:

    9/2/2013 10:45:00 AM - Hi Jack, and thanks for the enthusiastic reply. I haven't figured out if CT allows non-public communication with other members. You can Email me at larry (at) bpminternational (dot) com. I must say that that is a pretty ambitious schedule you proposed but I salute you for it. I don't want to oversell this event....I certainly will understand if you are unable to make it....with your situation it will be an expensive diversion...plus I think the restaurant will be charging about $125/person including all the wines which they will be paying for, along with a multi course gourmet meal. If you do decide to make it, you are welcome to stay at our place for the evening, as long you can handle a few cats. BTW, my wife is a wine distributor rep, Cigliuti is part of their portfolio and she will be spending time with Claudia in the field doing sales that day. Best, Larry Wilson (aka kingbarolo)

  • KingBarolo says:

    8/30/2013 4:57:00 AM - Hey Jack, about 20 of us are hosting a wine dinner for Claudia Cigliuti here in Fort Myers Florida, on October 9. I invited her over to try some 1990 Serraboella which she has never had. We will be drinking that along with 04,05,06,07,08 and possibly any younger vintages she can stuff in her suitcase. We're just a group of unpretentious, Bresco fans of all ages that are about as fond of Cigliuti wines as you are. It would be great to see you here for this casual event in a friends fabulous restaurant. KingBarolo