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  • brouigu1 says:

    4/7/2015 8:47:00 AM - I have to agree about the Pinot World. I became a huge fan of the Oregon Pinot in 2003 and we visit the Willamette Valley every June just to taste. We seem to have similar wine tendencies in Pinot, Southern Rhone, Bordeaux and some Napa Cabs.

  • Ombibulous says:

    10/22/2014 4:47:00 PM - Grinner, I'd like your opinion on the drinking window of a Port wine I bought that you did a helpful tasting note on. You appear to be knowledgeable on Port. It's the Taylor Fladgate 2011. Please see my note on that wine and comment with your thoughts. Thanks!

  • Motz says:

    5/30/2014 4:47:00 PM - The one on your profile picture. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, looks like some great juice.

  • Motz says:

    5/30/2014 8:29:00 AM - What a tasting! When are you hosting the next one!? :-)

  • La Cave d'Argent says:

    11/17/2013 4:47:00 PM - Thanks for your kind message, Mark. You and my wife are both '61 babies. The birthdays get expensive! If you are down this way, let's share a bottle. Colin (UCSD B.A. '79)

  • que syrah syrah says:

    5/23/2013 4:54:00 AM - I noticed the same thing about our cellars! Be well.

  • TSBWine says:

    11/27/2012 8:42:00 AM - Next time you're in Paso Robles I would recommend Terry Hoage and Epoch (at York Mtn AVA) since you enjoyed L'Aventure stylistically. They're all in the same class of wine, in my humble opinion. Terry Hoage in particular shares some characteristics stylistically in their bigger Syrah blends. Epoch is a bit more dialed back in sheer intensity (although not much in some wines) but shares the same quality of wine. For what it's worth, Justin Smith of the legendary Saxum was involved in both wineries beginnings. Epoch still lists him as a consulting winemaker. Saxum has sourced grapes from both of their vineyards, Paderewksi (Epoch) and Terry Hoage. Since you enjoy CdP, Tablas Creek is also heavily recommended. It's actually a transplant/collaboration of Chateau de Beaucastel (Perrin family). Their wines are far more restrained in style and are made in a quasi-California/French style with limited oak influences. They initially sourced/propagated most of the rootstock in many areas of California (particularly Paso Robles) and grow a variety of more rare varietals like Tannat. Cheers.