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  • 2008 Château Trillol Corbières Grenache - Syrah

    Clear, dark Crimson with pink bordering on orange rim, with beautiful sparse slow-moving tear blobs.
    Clean, med- intensity, aromas of dark cherries, cooked blueberries, red liquorice, tea leaves and a hint of nail varnish.
    Dry, med body, med alcohol, med tannins, light acidity, this wine exudes balance and finesse. Further tastes of figs, dried pomegranates, violets, and light pepper. This is a silky, wonderful wine and I must be drinking it at its peak. Fabulous finish, and priced incredibly reasonable. Highly recommend with any game or lighter red meats.

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  • 2013 Thymiopoulos Earth and Sky

    Clear, browny mauve with pink rim, with sparse fast-moving tears.
    Clean, full intensity, aromas of dark cherries, Turkish Delight, perfume, and dark chocolate.
    Dry, med body, med+ alcohol, full tannins, light acidity, nice balance and a good finish. This wine opens fast and very nicely - don't be fooled by the opening taste. Further tastes of blackcurrants, the blood from roast beef, black pepper, violets and a hint of espresso. Blind tasted you may think it was a good Bordeaux. This native Greek grape grips you with it tannins but teases you with its delicate feel.

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  • 2013 Susana Balbo Malbec The Wine Society's Argentine

    Clear, beautiful mauve with pink rim, sparse and fast moving medium-sized tears.
    Clean, light intensity, aromas of black currents and berries, cooked blueberries and peppercorns
    Dry, med tannins, med- acidity, med body, med alcohol, further tastes of plums, damsels, oxo cubes and ash-earth, with a surprisingly good finish. Apologies, making this tasting note with a cold.

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