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  • 2010 MacDonald Cabernet Sauvignon

    There are so few data points on this wine, I believed this would be a worthy, although perhaps unexpected, contribution.

    I followed the winery's instructions, giving this a 24 hour double decant.

    The nose is a bit monolithic showing of dark fruits and oak elements of cocoa powder, spice, and graham cracker. There is a background herbal component as well. There is not, however, a sort of three dimensionalism that I associate with more complex wines.

    This walks the line with ripeness for me. I can only equate this to many '07 cali cabs showing a similar characteristic. It seems to fade over time, however. Full mouthfeel, just shy of syrupy. There is a touch of etoh. Is it elegant? Not really? Is it noble? Nope. Is there a defining characteristic other than being well made that makes this worthy of the price of admission? Sorry.

    Frankly, I'm at a loss here. The pedigree is obviously second to none. The enthusiasm from those with palates I deeply respect, I cannot explain. Let me be clear, that this is a flawless and very well constructed wine. Many folks will derive great pleasure from this. At the same time, it is not a distinctive wine, and it is one that would easily disappear in a sea of those similar to it.

    I anxiously await the thoughts of those who've also tried it.

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  • 2011 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Botanica

    Interesting showing for this bottle. At first sip this was interesting, yet after minutes, it recoiled into a shell shocked state. I came back about 30 min later and it had already blossomed.

    Complex nose of red fruits, tea, thyme, white flowers, and jasmine. Light in the mouth with a slightly sappy quality to the fruit. A crushed shell like minerality in the mouth. A wine that makes you think. Lacking some acid, but not flabby. I have no doubt that this will be fantastic in some years time, but worth a look now if you're unsure what AT is all about.

    While this was good, I much prefer the ceras as this point.

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  • 2010 Copain Pinot Noir Anderson Valley

    oh my has this changed...for the worse.

    boring nose of cherries and oak that is nearly indistinguishable from an $20 grocery store pinot. the acid in this wine has really fallen off in the past year. finish is clipped. this is not what copain is about.

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