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  • 2013 Vestini Campagnano Kajanero Terre del Volturno IGT

    Wasn't sure on the blend here, but it's from Campania, so I kinda assumed it was mostly or all aglianico...before I opened it. Then the nose exploded in a most un-aglianico-like way: warm, red, really ripe berries, plums, a mid-layer of funky barnyard, smoke and alcohol. On the palate it's surprisingly supple and soft, with moderate though unrefined tannins. This is no aglianico. After all, I served aglianico, I knew aglianico, aglianico was a friend of mine.

    So a little research uncovered that it's actually a dope blend of 40% Pallagrello Nero, 40% Casavecchia, and 20% Aglianico. Two grapes I've never had before and just 20% the "barolo of the south," perhaps to buttress the fruit that's so stuffed into the package it's a hair's breadth away from a wardrobe malfunction. To be honest, and I hope I'm the first person to ever coin this witless-cism, it would be a perfect candidate for "barbera of the south." The winery is north of Naples above Caserta, and east of Caiazzo, on self-described volcanic and "maritime sediment" soil. Vinified in stainless steel and unaccountably aged for 5 months in barrique following 18 months in tank. This helps us to know, right?

    Super-friendly and drinkable crowd pleaser at around $15, with that funky note just enough to keep me engaged.

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  • 2010 Mocali Brunello di Montalcino

    How much hype can a vintage get before nothing you try is going to live up to it? Let's be generous and claim that was the mental construct with which I approached this bottle. Besides, it was very well-priced at just above $30, so seemed worth a fling.

    Alas, it will turn out to be a one-night stand. Light, uninspired, surprisingly soft, and absolutely shot-through with an unappealing vein of something straddling celery salt and hay. In fact, this impression was so prominent that I couldn't push it aside to get at the rest. Nor could I explain what fluke of vintage or vinification could have mysteriously inserted it in a brunello. With continued air (minimum two hours) it started to integrate a little and perhaps could be described as tobacco and leather, if I really were in a generous mood.

    Not an auspicious intro to the vintage of the century.

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  • 2012 Boer & Brit Chenin Blanc Suikerbossie

    you won't be "bored"with this refreshing Chenin. It's not going to win awards for definition or complexity but it's (surprisingly?) drinkable, balanced and crisp. Let's not get bogged down with why the subtext says "I want you." Frankly I thought the Australians had a monopoly on offensively stupid names, but this takes the "layer" cake. Nose might be confused with Sauvignon blanc, with hints of grapefruit, grass and Cats pee. But there's a nice chalky minerality. It's medium bodied, with lightly tropical and citrus fruit and a decisive finish. Why am I drinking it? Cause I'm all alone in an Indian restaurant in London, the vindaloo is hot as hellfire, and this was the best possible shot at a pairing. I want you indeed.

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    2/26/2014 3:06:00 PM - Any chance you;re going to VinItaly (Veronafiere) this year, would be nice to say 'Ciao'?

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