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  • 2014 Loic et Noel Bulliat Morgon Le Colombier

    Completely unfamiliar with this producer, highly recommended by a very skilled retail palate. He opened it for me, we tasted in the store and I thought it was great, and then he gave me the bottle to take home. That's not a bad way to build loyalty. All names withheld to protect against vicious NJ ABC rules.

    Immediately attractive translucent cherry red. Nose wafts a curious but appealing mix of expected fresh red berries and completely unexpected notes of peach, sawdust and violets. There's nothing funky about it, but by the same token a certain gaminess lurked in the background. Lithe, springy, and fresh on the palate, with light but persistent tannins, very nicely balanced, again with the meat thing keeping it edgy. Medium bodied at best right now, no reason why it wouldn't gain some weight and added interest with a little bottle age. A very nice showing at that lovely 12.5% alcohol level. Imported by T. Elenteny.

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  • 2000 Clos Puy Arnaud

    Sometimes it seems that in a mystical way the wine in my cellar finds me rather than the other way around. Since it's only loosely organized, kind of like Sam's basement in Chicago circa 1985, the cellar exerts a Ouija Board-like magic, a divining rod if you will, that guides me to the right wine on a given occasion.

    Tonight? Well the occasion was work-sucks-Wednesday, punctuated on the upside by a deliciously tender filet waiting for me when I got home. Thanks, Hon. A quick trip to the cellar produced this small gem. Almost unbelievably fragrant and expressive for the pedigree and age, the nose boasts ripe cassis and plummy fruit, earth, leather, cedar and tobacco. Medium bodied and in fine fettle from a balance perspective, clocking in at a believably labeled 13% ABV. Ripe, mature, but still holding its own. nicely. Disagree vehemently with other user opinions on drink dates, but this assumes good storage.

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  • 2011 Domaine de Maison Blanche Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons

    I experiment sparingly with my Coravin for two reasons: (1) once I grab a bottle of wine the odds are overwhelming that most of it is going down and (2) something nags at me about the $7 or so it costs to replace the argon gas cartridge when I still haven't figured out the optimum way to use it. My early investigations have yielded an important finding though. I like it better for whites than reds, for the simple reason I'm not usually looking for the whites to evolve as I drink them, so there's nothing but upside in preserving them as needed.

    Tonight's note is a case in point, so to speak. I opened this three weeks ago to drink a glass or two and then put it to sleep under Coravin. Right now it is every bit as fresh and lively as it was then, an unthinkable victory with less effective home technology.

    So three weeks later you know when you pour that it's humming along- still a vibrant pale gold straw, nary a trace of oxidation in color or nose. Inviting citrus, a mix of lemon curd and lime with faint seashell aromas, medium bodied, lightly creamy texture and distinct salinity. Balanced just so that it's every bit as good at room temperature as it is out of the fridge, always a hallmark of quality.

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  • bevetroppo says:

    2/26/2014 4:52:00 PM - WS- Great idea, but purtroppo I'm not going to be there. I'll take a full report when you're back though! I live in NJ, so parachute in sometime and we'll crack a few. -B

  • wine-strategies says:

    2/26/2014 3:06:00 PM - Any chance you;re going to VinItaly (Veronafiere) this year, would be nice to say 'Ciao'?

  • lovical says:

    1/4/2014 2:59:00 AM - Bro I thoroughly enjoyed your notes homage: Sultry bulls eye

  • VinoDelicioso says:

    3/2/2013 12:57:00 PM - Loaded our cellar and are now online! Thanks for the tip yesterday. From two wine lovers in Austin

  • UpfromtheCellar says:

    9/5/2012 6:31:00 PM - Hear hear! Well done indeed.

  • jerwin1943 says:

    4/25/2012 11:51:00 AM - Outstanding job on your Tasting Notes. I appreciate the time and effort you have given to them.