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  • 1900 D'Oliveiras Madeira Malvazia Reserva

    114 year-old wine still brimming with vibrant flavors. Nose was bright, orange marmalade, toffee and fresh whole nutmeg. Flavor profile was very roasted coffee, toast slathered with sweet almond butter and blood orange and persimmon jelly with just a a hint of very dark chocolate on the horizon of this wine. Base of the flavor profile was this toffee roasted coffee which was uplifted by a fluid persistent acidity that felt like wind flowing over a still body of water. The viscosity of the wine was very fluid and not heavy. The flavors were bright and not stewed or raisiny in any way. Nose was really fragrant but not as the "knock your socks off" aromatics of the 1900 Moscatel. The Malvazia sweetness has been tamed and mellowed by age. This wine reminded me more of a Bual in sweetness profile.
    I will forever be haunted by the beauty and mystery of this game changer wine.

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  • 2012 Domaine Andre Neveu Sancerre Le Grand Fricambault Silex

    Finally! A wine made with Sauvignon Blanc that amazed me. This is a varietal I have never made friends with at all. But this wine has opened my eyes. Vines are embedded in Silex. Pours like cold spring water mixed with some simple syrup. There is a purity in its nose- a wine of complexity but singular purpose. Kaffir lime, and bright tart pink lady apple, river rock wet by the river bed, some white stones, and a faint haunting of Turkish apricot. No hay, under ripe grassiness or green straw. None of that. This wine reminds me of a a greyhound of a wine, but with a languid gait and dressed in pretty hair accessories . And for under 22.00 it's a humdinger of a value. Viva La France!

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  • 2007 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Fontalloro

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