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  • 2009 Joseph Swan Vineyards Pinot Noir Cuvée de Trois

    A bit sweet, the acidity and tart cherry/strawberry was pleasant enough. Not much grip or tannic attributes. Wonderful berry nose with a rouch of spice (pepper/cinamon). Popped and poured after a bit of a shake. Nice blend and very approachable now. Good value.

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  • 2005 Château Saint-Pierre

    This young Saint Julien was opened Christmas Day at 01 AM. The nose was wonderful, classic bordeaux with soft leathery smell and ample ripe fruit.
    A quick taste before it headed into the decanter revealed good cassis and berriest, light acidity and a great finish that lingered for 30+ seconds.
    I'll check in on it with dinner. Though many remark it is too young, I liked the young bordeaux for the freshness and lively acidity. The tannins are quite soft but evident with a pleasnt coating that complements the dusty finish.

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  • 1977 Château Mouton Rothschild

    A dear friend acquired this from an estate sale. What a deal. They got a lot of ~ 60+ bttls of various wines 1970-2005, ~ $20-25 a bttl. The 77' Mouton was panned by critics but I was really impressed. 4 of us sniffed, swirled and sipped with delight. Fill was mid shoulder. An Ah-so is a must for these oldies. The cork was firm, still a few cm if pristene cork with no obvious seepage. Nose was wonderful, still some great fruit, some commented on graphite, lead pencil, but I got a wfiff of crushed stones, then some light berry, cherry. Wine was light and danced on my tongue. Light oak, nice acidity, mellow tannin. The finish was smooth with lingering berries, akin to a merlot or pomerol.

    Did not decant. Just opened, did a small pour into some nice stemware and let it open a bit. It drank well over the next 2 hours and held up OK. I'm inclined to think that many of the older 70's BDX still have some life in them after this. At $24.00 a bttl, who would pass! Low 90's point wise, as good as the 66, 75 and 76 Mouton I have tried. Label was the Queen Jubilee, no other fancy art. I think this was a mere 4 years after Mouton was promo'ed to 1st growth.

    PS: some of the other gems he got: 1990 Angelus (WOW) a few 81, BDX, 78 Lynch (into the neck fills) and bunch of nice Cali cab, CdP. I'm jelly!

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