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  • 2009 Domaine de Cébène Faugères Felgaria

    I'd say this was improved over the last time. Gained a little meat and herbs, mostly thyme, sage, marjoram. But it still has a tendency to fall apart in the air. It wasn't bad, but the complexity after about five minutes into the first pour was greater than after a couple hours. I'm guessing that I got this at about the right time, and it's just a pretty good wine. Which is just a little disappointing for being a flagship of the winery and not inexpensive. I'd give the nod to Graff's Mourvedre, Donkey and Goat's Prospector, and a few others which cost quite a bit less.

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  • 2012 Tensley Syrah Colson Canyon Vineyard

    Blecch. Never said that in a note. This was like syrup with volatile acidity. There's A possibility this was a damaged bottle but after a bunch of subpar bottles, I am done giving the benefit of the doubt. Most overrated wine I have ever bought.

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  • 2013 Mönchhof Robert Eymael Riesling Qualitätswein

    Second Riesling of the night. Sweeter than the Kung Fu girl and packing a little less acid, but not a bad wine if paired with spicy or complex Asian dishes. More on the melon and peach side of things than the apple-y Kung Fu. Not terribly cloying, although it probably got a little benefit of the doubt since we had already dulled our senses with wine and capsaicin. Here's the problem with point scores: Average wines these days are at least good and often excellent (unless you just seek out bad wines--are we including jugs of unidentifiable wine in that scale?), so while I might say this was middle of the pack of the wines I have had this year, it's still at least good and quite enjoyable. And not uck at all.

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