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  • 2005 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Laurène

    My first ever Oregon wine, and I loved it!
    Seemed really well made, although the cork wasn't the best in the world (actually pushed into the bottle a little as I inserted the corkscrew).
    A bright, crimsom color, that through the Waterford crystal did ample justice to the glass.
    Lovely powerful aroma, with cherry, forest fruits and other subtler smells that beggared description.
    Taste was no let down; filled the mouth and released layers of fruits and again cherry (some with a Maraschino bite to them").
    Longish, but very dry finish.
    Cearly too young, although I enjoyed it a lot.
    Just kept wondering why I'd waited so long to discover Oregon.

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  • 1985 Château Léoville Las Cases

    Tasted after a 1993 Lafite Rothschild, and it just blew it away: could asily have been a 1st Growth.
    It was fresh, full of rich black fruits, and as mouth filling as a wine can be.
    Deepest dark red; long, long finish and close to perfection, except it will clearly get better!
    It seemed a youngster in spite of the label age; I would have sworn it was ten years younger.
    It had been shaken around on SE Trains, just prior to being poured straight from the bottle, but somehow we escaped the considerable sediment which kindly adhered to the bottle.
    Maybe the key was storage; has resided in my cool Transtherm Catel for many, many years (can't remember when I aquired it) and this had clearly deayed the aging process, luckily not to much harm.
    The bad news - it was a singleton :(
    One of the few I own.
    Wonder if I can find some more?

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  • 1993 Weingut Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Auslese

    I "was" an avowed disliker of German wines - too sweet.
    This being the case I somehow managed to transport two bottles of Auslese twice around the world in container ships as I worked in six different countries, I wasn't planning to consume them personally, except maybe poured on strawberries.
    I finally arrived in the UAE and made friends with a German, who of course loves Riesling et. al..
    An opportunity I thought - give him the wine.
    Last night we opened it, without any but the lowest of expectations from me.
    The cork had moved about a third of the way out of the bottle although the foil was intact, as the cork proved to be (a miracle really as it wasn't that long).
    The colour was a magnificent deep gold (at this stage I still expected it to taste of urine though, I've been fooled by that colour before).
    Then the aroma, cherries picked up by all four of us and other flavours too nuanced to identify clearly.
    And then the taste - not sweet, but somehow it was?
    A mixture of sweet and dry, beautifully blended.
    And a lingering succulent finish which carried on for a minute.
    My friend was happy, I was amazed!
    Obviously I have some work to do on Germany.
    The other Auslese I have - from 1983 this time!

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