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  • 2012 Joseph Swan Vineyards Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard

    After drinking a few bottles I checked the vintage charts because of RR ratings ... In my view this is the lesser vs the 2011. Full bodied with glycerine and legs, straw color, traditional CA nose, well balanced ... but for me lacks the 2011 complexity/minerality. (Based on chart ratings the Swan 2011 lineup is great, a credit to vineyard selection and wine making.) Nothing wrong with this wine and I'm not damning it with faint praise. It is excellent, good tropical flavors and vanilla. But compared to 2011 it is simpler (or needs age ... wines change with time). The 2011 offered complexity in a larger frame, albeit may not appeal to most (don't take this as bias). Nice finish. 90+, can't get to 91 now and memory says 92+ for 2011. This is more my style but lacks the complexity. For those who compare (I also recently drank 2012 Dehlinger ... 89-90).

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  • 2012 Rhys Pinot Noir Alpine Vineyard

    Nicely made wine, dark ruby, full bodied, strong red fruit nose, well balanced. I like this Alpine better than the Horseshoe. This bottle seemed friendlier than the Horseshoe bottling a week age which was a surprise. The 2d day it had lost aromaticity, seemed a bit flat. I'm looking forward to experiencing how it evolves but will take some years to show off. Too soon to offer a higher rating based on this tasting, could move up.

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  • 2012 Rhys Pinot Noir Horseshoe Vineyard

    I hate it when this happens ... felt compelled to open a 2d bottle after not being as pleased with the 1st as expected. This bottle is much more open ... excellent pinot nose, much less astringent, stems very faint 'evaporating' quickly with only faint aftertaste - but needs time, not fully enjoyable now, score based on potential. Question ... can some batches have green stems and not others. Some burgundy producers vinify with stems - Romanee Conti (that I can't afford, have never drunk) and Sylvie Esmonin (a favorite whose wines I've bought). Bottom line this is a better wine than I wrote about on the 30th - I quite like it, but the 30th review was accurate with that bottle. Choose as you will. I'll probably buy the 2013 although not on futures. 92+ with hope of moving higher.

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