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Locale: East Trafalmagar, Michigan, USA
Favorite region: Bordeaux
Dream wine: Château Mouton Rothschild Paulliac 1982
I've been a Sportscar idioso since I was age 10 when I walked past a white/black Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider everyday on my way to school. That sort of cliched for me right there, especially when as a teenager, reading R&T und Sports Car Graphics, seeing those faint-in-the-rain ads of a '67 Alfa GTV tooling through the mist e fog, on winding was absolutely gorgeoso ( voted worldwide, in top ten most beautiful automobilias) ..Like choice vinos, I just had to have one!
Look, for those that know me und those not to know, please to understand I offer this up wine reviews as literary art, to be fetching, entrancing, intoxicating review of a Wine which ist a many-century best Vin if every there was one. So taken am I by this vintage, I may just finagle one for mein ownself for that final momento of electricity before it fades from my eyes....the talented author name stills escapes me...the vin, she does not: 1982 Château Mouton Rothschild. Salute e ciao!

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  • 2005 Château du Moulin-Rouge

    This 'lovely' "special blend" of 2005 elegant evilness is 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc 5%, Merlot noir 50%, and has stagnant pond, saltwater brackish notes, tastes of like tar dripped, tobacco dark wrapper maduro, and has 1970 Ft. Polk Basic mess-hall grease trap vapors of decay, a heavenly Fume de Petrol, together with leather hide chew...So evolved and complex. The mid-palette solid body medium weight, has more shades of dark Date fruits, charred beef fat, Star Wars Trash Compactor scene alien fluid ilky sinister goodness...if goodness ist you like comfort of darkness? An instant addictive bright find favorite for me, this complex balance of fluids, petrol, sanguine, and other worldly profiles. Simply must find some more. Which I have, and I'm still amazed it punches a dozen plus of my appreciation wine enthusiast buttons with zeal, buttons I've never before knew existed. Fantastico velvety structure of this Bordeaux assails the senses, like Rangers' Death From Above theme song.

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