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  • 2009 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de Latour Private Reserve

    After raving about the 2010 BV Georges de LaTour I was confident that the far superior 2009 vintage would just blow me away but sadly - I was mistaken.

    In the glass the wine host a more redish hue than it's younger sibling but the nose is more like warm plum sauce. On the palate the wine is a wrecking ball just packed with fruit and tobacco. Unfortunately, it's heavy and disjointed from front to rear palate.

    I can taste purple, blue and black fruit. There is also some tobacco and heavy vanilla. If this one was held together more tightly it could be nothing short of 95+ points but today if falls pretty far short.

    After an hour in the glass the wine calms a bit but never really comes into good form. I have two more bottles and remain hopeful that I visited this bottle far to early. In the interim, I will refrain from buying future vintages until I have tasted them.

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  • 2009 Delectus Cabernet Sauvignon Boulder Falls

    Easily one of the best 2009 Cabernet's that I have tried to date. The dark fruit permeates from the glass and invades the lungs much like sulphur but pleasant. On the palate there is black fruit...all black fruit with just enoughs sweetness to make it easy to drink. The medium to full frame flows effortlessly over the palate and makes no apologies for its heavy handed brut force. It's such a dramatic wine...not the best I've ever had but just a great wine! The company wasn't bad either. Cheers!

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  • 2009 Col Solare

    Wine Spectator Grand Tasting (Washington, DC)

    Col Solare is one of the most consistent bottlings from Washington State and I have bought several bottles of the last several vintages. However, the 2009 is out of joint which I am hoping is merely a dumb phase for this otherwise outstanding wine. Make not mistake...this is a decent bottling of wine but falls short of expectations for this wine house.

    All of the typically red and blue fruits are featured prominently in the wine but it possesses a medium palate that is atypical of Col Solare. The mid-palate is sound but the rear is a little fleeting and leaves me wanting more. Perhaps the oak is overwhelming the fruit and that's why this one taste a little off but for now it is an average bottle of wine. I plan to amend this note when I have a chance to try another bottle next year. Cheers!

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