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  • 2012 Carlisle Syrah Papa's Block

    Decanted for 2-3 hours and served fairly chilled. World class syrah here not much below the likes of SQN and the other big hitters. It does what California does best IMHO, which is to combine the unctuous texture, mouthfeel, body and 'surplus' of the New World with flavours I mostly associate with Côte-Rôtie, which is ripe, black cherries, blackberries, cracked black and white peppercorns, baconfat, cloves-spice, charred pine needles (think of making a campfire and throwing in sticks of pine wood) and in this case added complexity from woodsmoke, espresso-roast, chocolate and some malo-yoghurt/creaminess. It will certainly develop for at least a decade, but with this showing; Why wait?

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  • 2011 Fritz Waßmer Spätburgunder "XXL"

    Holy effin smokes, what a wine! Garnet but rather deeply coloured for a pinot noir but hugely intense, soaring aromatics of the finest kind! This went right in and activated the pinot-centre in the brain! It is ethereal, bright, zappy with very well-integrated oak and enough lively acidity to keep it very much alive. The notes in this kind of reminds me of the character in best burgundies from 2007 (Anne Gros Richebourg and Drouhin-Laroze Bonnes-Mares spring to mind), yet with more body and a more rounded acidity. Huge wine and I may be underrating it.

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  • 2013 Kraus Hibernal

    Very good wine and excellent value. Still going strong and mirrors my note from last year.

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