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Locale: Hong Kong
Favorite region: Rhone, Tuscany and Rioja

  • 2011 Paul Avril Le Petit Vin d'Avril

    We drank the bottle over two days. Compared with the several cote du rhones I drank over the past several weeks, this wine is a markedly more substantial wine. On appearance, it is a thicker and darker shade of crimson. The nose was broodier and more muted with slight hints of truffles , but an absence of fruity freshness. The palate had a medium-bodied thickness and smooth tannins. Fruity sweetness was elusive, while the finish was still rather uninspiring. This wine really blossomed on the second day. The bouquet really emerged. Raspberries and other forest berries, reinforced mushrooms. The palate was far livelier with the forest berries dominated by tart cherries. Tannins were well integrated and the cherry acidity lengthened the finish with freshness. For the price I paid (@US$17), this is a great deal. I'm glad I have a case.

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  • 2013 Logan Sauvignon Blanc

    Pop and Poured. Very faint, straw tinge to an otherwise crystal clear wine. While I was expecting a vibrant and aggressive bouquet I find typical of many New World SB's, the aromas were surprisingly more subdued. Rather than vegetal, it was more herbal - peppermint and lime-grapefruit - permeated the senses. The palate was more vibrant. The bracing acidity that I expected, was actually very well controlled showing crisp precision. This might be the result of the good balance between the lime citrus acidity and the ripe grapefruit sweetness. The herbal undertones followed through. This is the second time I tried the Logan SB's. I enjoyed both occasions.

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  • 2009 Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Villero

    Corked badly

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  • BordeauxBuff says:

    1/15/2014 5:06:00 AM - Thank you very much for your feedback. Believe it or not, this experience has encouraged me to try other 2008 CDP's, although I am yet to find anything that can come close to the Clos des Papes. Do you have any suggestions of other 2008 CDP's which you felt came close in terms of quality to that of the Clos des Papes? I have some of the Clos St Jean higher end CDP's from the same vintage, which I am planning to open up within the next few weeks, to compare and contrast. The Mordoree CDP's have always been one of my personal favorites. Which reminds me its time to post my note on the 1998 that I consumed last month.

  • StefanAkiko says:

    11/17/2013 9:05:00 AM - You are not much of a contributor to CT. I'm surely not alone to hope for a change on that matter. You have much to share, and the rest of us have a lot to take part of.