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Member since July 2006

Locale: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Favorite region: Piedmont, Tuscany, Rhone (Cornas, CdP)
Dream wine: 1997 Ceretto Bricco Rocche Barolo Brunate
My interest in wine started as a young Catholic who (dare I say) enjoyed the communion wine a bit too much. Once at a legal age, I enjoyed white wine with the odd dinner, but couldn't manage to choke down red. Enter Australian Shiraz and a disposable income at the end of university. My love of wine took off. Eight years later and at the age of 30, my preference has evolved far more toward the old world and I'm developing a taste for subtlety in wine. Barolo and Cornas have been favorites, but the more delicate Burgundian Pinot has recently entered the picture (I understand it happens to everyone after a while).

The dream: make my own wine one day. The goal in the meantime: become a certified sommelier in my spare time.

I love meeting others that enjoy talking and tasting wine unpretentiously.

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