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  • 2012 Ca' Marcanda (Gaja) Promis Toscana IGT

    I've had much better. This wine was an acid bomb from the start. I don't think it was due to astringency either because it stayed that way for hours. I tried everything I could to coax the acid rain curtain down from the front of this one. Wine poured a medium purple color into the glass. Translucent. Finally after 2 hours I was starting to get some black cherry and cardamom or perhaps some kind of cumin on the entry, medium bodied. The wine finished simply with a black cherry note. Not very complex. Quite disappointed. If someone served it to me I would have been delighted. But even gouda cheese overpowered this wine. Even at the last 50ml, the wine was still quite acidic up front but had softened. My inclination is to rate it an 84, but I just don't know if I really got a fair represntation of what this wine is about. Probably should have uncorked it in early 2016. I think it has the longevity to last until 2017, but don't push it past that.

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  • 2012 Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Knights Valley

    Bottle was murdered tonight, but knowingly so. The correct rating here is NR. The nose is dark blackberry marmalade. Very youthful quality on the nose. The entry was a little acidic for what this one will be eventually. Full bodied blackberry and graham cracker right up front almost like a blackberry cobbler. The wine toned down in the middle and kind of died a bit but only because tannin was flooding in. Cedar tannin was very stiff on the finish, but the wine finished with a length that was probably 30 seconds...a little sweet and earthy, blackberry on the finish but also a bit of raspberry jam and vanilla. Only gonna get better with time, but I didn't feel that, even with 3 hours of decanting time (bottle or in the glass) that this one was showing it all it has. Probably a 93 at maturity. Drink 2016-2022

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  • 2011 Rudius Chardonnay Hyde

    For a chardonnay, this one was a bit thin. The wine poured a light straw colored yellow into the glass. The nose was creme brulee and honeysuckle. This wine was first enjoyed with sushi, and the spiciness of the sushi really did bring out a spicy attribute to this wine. But overall the notes were a little flat. There wasn't anything that really stood out. Soft on the entry and soft /buttery on the finish. A little meh.

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    4/26/2015 10:00:00 AM - Mflesh. Just read your profile. Hopefully your sense of taste and smell is returning. And thankfully there is wine! Cheers. Btw. I love Fort Worth. Great museums.

  • mitabud says:

    7/11/2014 1:49:00 PM - Hi Mflesh, I made one of the wines you liked and reviewed about 18 months ago, but I have a question about it. Can we communicate by email? 07/11/14