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  • 2010 Château de Saint-Cosme Gigondas

    This wine has started to undergo metamorphosis. This wine was lighter at first, but the last 2 years this wine has started to turn darker. This bottle tonight was showing clove and truffle on the nose. The entry was black tea, eventually some earthy black cherry, with low acidity on the entry. The wine turned darker still in the middle, showing LOTS of soil and terroir in the middle, and a black earthy/woodsy finish with lots of stinky terroir here, cigar box and tobacco. A nice wine, and perhaps not really in the most key place right now. I think additional decanting time would have taken out some of these "stranger" notes. Really enjoyed this one tonight though.

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  • 2011 Spoto Wines Cuvée Florence

    Wine is condensing down and is much more potent in the mid-palate. Will be a 94+ if not higher in 3-4 years.

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  • 2013 McPherson Cellars Sangiovese

    Kind of a strange wine. Enjoyable, but strange. Served with about 20 minutes of bottle decanting ahead of it. Pressboard cork in the bottle. The nose is kind of a dark raspberry liqueur with a hint of raspberry ice cream. The wine pours a medium bodied red into the glass. Nose is intense. Actually rather nice. The front of this wine is sharply acidic with raspberry and strawberry. The middle almost has some kind of fig note in addition to the raspberry and strawberry. The finish is a tad bit sweet and probably the one thing I preferred the least here. Not much tannin on the finish. No acid on the finish, no pepper. Nice wine, probably would have been better with food, but I served it "a la carte" -- drink now. I don't think this one has any chance of aging.

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  • happytom says:

    4/26/2015 10:00:00 AM - Mflesh. Just read your profile. Hopefully your sense of taste and smell is returning. And thankfully there is wine! Cheers. Btw. I love Fort Worth. Great museums.

  • mitabud says:

    7/11/2014 1:49:00 PM - Hi Mflesh, I made one of the wines you liked and reviewed about 18 months ago, but I have a question about it. Can we communicate by email? 07/11/14