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  • NV Paul Bara Grand Rosé

    Nose of red berries and apple, with just a hint of warm rising dough. This is a lean/focused sparkler with more fullness than a BdB. Love the red fruit aspect.
    Great intro to the evening's meal, and at this price point, hard to think there is anything better out there?!?

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  • 2007 Saxum Bone Rock James Berry Vineyard

    Served this after Paul Bara Brut Rose with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern roasted chicken dish. Interesting wine, which was in a great place after it warmed up a little.
    Nose consisting primarily of lilac and rosemary with a back-end of grilled meat. Of note, this had a hint of smelling sweet, as if there was an abundance of fresh, ripe fruit on the palate; however, this was not the case. Smooth almost seamless throughout the delivery this dark fruit with a savory/earthy presentation. Enjoyable and this seemed to be in a great place, a position I'd expect it to stay for quite a few years.

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  • 2010 Vineyard 29 Cabernet Sauvignon Cru

    P-n-P. At first, the nose is very primary, sweet grape juice. With time, cedar notes dominate the nose, but given its age, I'll accept that.
    The wine is soft up front with dark fruit flavors, but the wine seems two-sided, ripe and under-ripe. There are notes of rich fruit, and signs of astringent green flavors. The oak treatment almost hides this. There is good structure here from the tannins, but I am not sure this all comes together well with time. Right now, this is good, maybe very good, but with time, I don't see it ever being great.

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