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  • 2004 Copain Syrah Eaglepoint Ranch

    Killer bottle--plenty of life left, but this was singing tonight. If you have them enjoy now or hold for a couple years... (PE: 93)

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  • 2003 Garretson Wine Company Syrah The Bulladóir

    My last of two bottles, purchased from an eBob board member after I posted notes about a prior vintage. Screwcapped, this was an incredibly young wine at 11 years of age. In fact, it left me wondering if corks would be better in terms of letting a wine age. I'm not sure this showed much differently than it did when I last had it 8+ years ago. Incredibly rich, ripe, and dense, I called it an ooze monster back then and that is still an apt description today. Although this would not wine any awards for perfect balance or be called an elegant or ethereal wine, it was incredibly delicious and packed with flavor. Lots of dark fruit--black berry, some plum, raspberry hints, blueberry--with almond and vanilla. Fairly complex, quite frankly. Unbalanced on the fruit site (although if I am going to have a wine that isn't perfectly balanced, I'd prefer it to be showing "too much" fruit--that is, after all, why I drink wine), and with a bit of residual sugar, but at 15.9% alcohol (on the label) it didn't show ANY heat whatsoever. I'd love to try one of these in 10+ years--my guess is that it would show similarly. The only really bad part of this wine is a bit of melancholy knowing that Mat isn't making wine anymore :-(

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  • 2010 Aubert Pinot Noir UV-SL Vineyard Sonoma Coast

    I haven't been writing notes a lot, but this was such a standout I had to make mention. Spectacular nose--rich red fruits reminiscent of strawberry and blackberry and plum. Palate was rich and added baking spices to the fruits. Would've been better decanted, but pop-and-pour wasn't the end of the world. Outstanding stuff! (PE: 98)

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