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  • 2007 Voyager Estate Chardonnay

    Numerous experience already with this wine but the first attempt at some qualitaitve opinion. Pale yellow, deceivingly light in colour. But what a nose; intensity of stone and fruit with a lovely touch of yeast. Zesty on the palate with a nice nuttiness about it. I swear that this was close to a Fontaine Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets 2002 had a couple of nights back so this was no slouch with a price ratio of 3:1! The acidity was decent giving the wine a nice balance. At the finish, a hint of heat, perhaps the key betrayal of a new world white. Finisih was a little short, the other disappointment on an otherwise lovely mouthfeel. At this price point, thie wine is still punching above its weight. I would buy this by the case.

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  • NV Marie Courtin Champagne Resonance Extra Brut

    Yellow gold in appearance. Non dosage and clearly apparent from the go. Aromatically mineral with hints of citrus. Not particularly strong on fruits, veering towards the greenish spectrum. Lemon! Lean and taut with good purity. Finish was somewhat short with a trace of bitterness but at the same time a lingering returning sweetness of fruit that was lacking on the palate. With food, this champy took on a dimension of richness and weightiness. On the palate, developed some softness and roundness though by any imagaination still a structured wine. This bottle was disappointing compared to previous better bottles I've had, perhaps an off bottle. Needs a retry.

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  • 2004 Château La Grave a Pomerol Trigant de Boisset

    I am falling way behind with my tasting notes but i think i need to get this one out! There are reasons why some wines are trophy wines but if you are someone who enjoys drinking as both a pleasure and complement to dinner, this wine comes highly recommended, period! Initially garnet with a slight brownish rim, the colour took on a darker tone on the second day. The nose was absolutely gorgeous; cedar with cassis. Initially, sweetness on the palate with black curranty fruits. Medium body; lighter on the first day but weightier on the second day. This wine developed a better structutre and some emerging earthiness. If nitpicking, the complexity was lesser and the finish was shorter than what i would have liked. However, the structural development on the second day and the fine acidity of this wine gave me confidence that it should continue to improve in the bottle for another year or two. But this is already so delicious that if you have a case, I see no wrong in drinking it now. On sale at SGD55/bottle, this wine puts to shame many wines in the same price point. A good friend has this La Grave as a house pour; if only i could afford to, I cant agree more! This may not necessarily be a complete wine; but dont think so much, just drink it!

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